Thursday, October 2, 2008

Political jumbo

Gosh. I have so many things to say and don't know where to start so bear with me. We'll get through this. 

Actually never mind. I think I will just have to do a few posts. My mind is full so here goes one topic.
I am now sitting in the truck while the  kids sleep (thank you Dave for the Mac book) and sipping an ice cap. I just tuned off the radio. The political debates are going strong and this has my head reeling.
All the environmental propaganda has me going nuts!
I don't know what is expected of us. Are we to switch to electric cars or be taxed to death?
According to some that is the answer. 

Here is my issue. 
If we were to vote for the carbon tax then will everything including the price groceries go up?  Won't it cost more to ship and thus the expenses will be passed down to the consumer? We would then be dishing way more out of our pockets for way less. In essence we would be voting to pay higher taxes for a poorer quality of life. Am I reading into this right?

Now the other end of this is that yes, it would be nice to be living in a more environmentally friendly world. However here is the reality to that side.
Did you know that battery cars are actually worse for the environment than regular gas cars?
I just watched a program about the reality of 'green.'
The nickel that is needed for the battery is mined in Canada through a very non environmental and toxic method. It is then shipped via massive pollutant ships to England where it is refined in another crude and toxic method. Then it is once again plunked onto sea via a ship to Japan where it is finally made into a battery. By the time it has made it into a car it has made more damage to the environment than a normal car would produce in it's life time.

Now the debate here is that no matter what process you go through to get a vehicle it is most likely not an environmentally friendly way to go. We just always have to remember that there are two sides to a coin and the kicker to a lot of 'friendly' products is that the methods used to create the product are often pretty crude.
This reminds me of the paper versus plastic debates. In the end I think the results are the same when it comes to how the environment is affected. Go reusable and fabric is all I can say!

Anyway, all the environmental stuff has got me down. I didn't want to know that there was another side. I secretly dreamed that all the stuff that is so 'green' was somehow grown on a farm and then refined by stomping in it with bare feet and then packaged with recycled products and shipped via horse and cart.
My bubble was burst. We live in a dirty world!

Now I am off to get my sewing machine tuned up and make more bags from repurposed fabrics. I don't even want to know what kind of chemicals and methods might be used to recycle such stuff. I am all about the reusing and repurposing.

Anyway it seems the big issue in debate today is the economics. Especially in the States. Will it affect us here in Canada?
As I heard on the radio today, "If the elephant to the south sneezes, will we catch a cold....or worse?" (I really like the elephant and hope it  gets better soon)

So many things to think about. I'll have to tune into the debate tonight. Choices.
So tell me what weighs heavy on your mind with the coming elections, both to the south and here?
Are there any issues that have your head spinning or is it clear to you?
Oh, I don't want to know what you vote but I just want to know what your concerns are or if you have any. 
My mind is spinning!


Glenda said...

Good golly it's got you so riled up ya forgot a picture! No pictures from Anna gasp - she must be befiddled (is that a word? Owell, it's sounds nice - I like it Ü) I'm totally with ya on this subject. I just try not to be wasteful and reuse what I can. Everything in moderation. Ü

Elaine A. said...

The economy is weighing pretty heavy on our minds here. My husband is in accounting and also VERY atune to what is going on here (U.S) and globally.

Let's just say he hasn't been in the best mood the last week or so. He's not really so scared for us personally as he just is for the entire system.

And... we are praying... a lot.

Gayle said...

I've got the same concerns as you have regarding the environmental stuff. All this green stuff is being pushed on us, and then we research more and find it is worse for the planet.

The economy problems really scare me. I worry for my children, the oldest of whom will be ready to head off to college in less than three years. I don't like the feeling of being powerless over our future, but I do feel that way.

Kori said...

There are too many concerns going through my head to even begin to list them all; and I am trying to curb my tendency to lose myself in politics-I get too angry. but I wanted to stop and say hi anyway!

Kami said...

I am as confused as you on the enviroment front but I do know we have to stop wasting and consuming so much. Easier said than done but if we all just did a little bit, it would add up to lots.

And on the political front? I am lost. I find the whole thing utterly mind boggling. I mean, is there really any difference between parties? Seems like same $h1t different pile to me!


homemom1001 said...

I love the way you is so rare to meet people who consider both sides of an issue!
I want to stop hearing people compare Canada to countries like Switzerland - really??? Have you compared the 2 - it is so frustrating to be compared to Europeon countries, where there are as many or more people in a country the size of half of Saskatchewan as we have in our whole huge country! Until they build a sky train from Toronto to Vancouver I am not sure it is a valid comparison!

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