Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A little bore.....snore

So I just went to upload all my photos off the new camera into iphoto. I had forgotten that I was messing around with RAW and now will have to go through Bridge. So no photos. 

Not that I have anything exciting to show anyway, I am rather boring lately. 

I lay around and let Dave do stuff. The floors are sticky and the fridge needs cleaning. There are piles of stuff on every surface and I want to get it all cleaned up. However after just sweeping and vacuuming I am toast and need an hour nap. Thank goodness Dave does laundry and dishes otherwise it would be rank in here too!
 So friends this is the state we are living in and please bear with us. I am hoping that my energy picks up again soon but at the moment sleep and lazing (and peeing fifty thousand times a day) is all I have on my schedule.
You can still come see me but I am just warning you!

There is this poem my mom used to have up on her wall in her foyer. I think I need a poster of it on my door.

Although you'll find our house a mess
come in, sit down, converse.
It doesn't always look like this
Some days it's even worse.

True, folks, so true!


Gayle said...

Oh, isn't it horrible when you're not up to cleaning and the house is a mess? I'm sure your energy will return soon!

mamatucci said...

that sleepy first trimester,well it will get better. And for me almost 3 years later I still pee 50 times a day!

Kori said...

Well, enjoy it while oyu can. The rest, I mean, such as it is, because when baby comes it is going to be even crazier! Hope you aren't feeling so puky, though.

The Chatty Housewife said...

I remember that little wall hanging! Her house was pretty clean when I saw it!

bethany actually said...

Ugh, the tiredness and the peeing! I hope that passes in a few weeks. :-) Looking forward to seeing those photos!

SAJ said...

I LOVE that poem! I need it too!

Stacie said...

love the poem

Elaine A. said...

That poem totally rocks!

And of course your tired! Gestating is A LOT OF work! ; )

Tracey said...

Hey sleepy lady! I don't check in for a while and come back to see a baby floating on your side bar!!

Congratulations! Hope you feel better soon, though!

Midwest Mommy said...

My husband just learned that the first three months I was useless :-)

Anonymous said...

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MJ said...

Poor Anna! Hope your energy levels pick up soon! The second trimester always seems the best! It's coming soon! Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the rest. You will get more energy in the second trimester. In the meantime, try not to let the mess get to you. My house is about the same, and I'm not pregnant, and my kids are bigger!

Anonymous said...

I have moved the renovations blog to a new home if you are still interested in io seeing the journey. Uploading back stories, so there is a bit to see.

x said...

You'll get your energy back soon enough, glad your hubby is helping out with laundry!

On my birthday, my hubby cleaned and cooked and bought me a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings from www.idonowidont.com so it felt like a vacation in my own house!

Can't wait to see the photos!

Catharine said...

Hey you - I check your blog everyday and there is nothing new - is everything okay? I am guessing that it is just the first trimester fatigue, but I was totally hoping that you would post some photos of your little darlings on Halloween. Did they have fun? Hope you are well.


Elaine A. said...

Oh that first trimester is a beast!

Glad you checked in but TOTALLY understand why you haven't been around.

P.S. Love your hair!