Friday, October 10, 2008

Missing daddy and bleck

This week has been stretching. I am feeling tired and sick and when I look at food I really don't want it. I wake up and only want one thing and that is what I HAVE to eat that day. 
Fries, burgers and other fast food have been on the list as well as apples, tomato soup and grilled cheese. Anything else, yeeeck!
And nothing fills the void either, I must have what I crave. This is a new one for me. 
And please do not put something I front of me that I have already had this week, ooooeeee!
Today I had pizza buns for lunch. Prepping them was ok. Eating them, another story.
Problem was that I had had the same thing last night for supper. It was good then, it was on my list of had to haves. Today, not so much.
That is enough, this writing about it is making me feel worse and I have yet to take my vitamin today.
Anyway I have been missing Dave. This was the week that he had to spend out of town and it felt like he was gone forever. I missed him more than ever and I am guessing it was because we could see him. 
In the evenings we would both log on to I-chat and although it was choppy it made it real and seeing each other made the distance seem more.
He gave us a tour of his hotel room and we did the same with the new furniture arrangement in the living room. Now we are counting down the moments till he arrives. Yay!
Anyway I am off to gag down my horse pill of a vitamin and get back at the laundry.
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I hope the morning sickness and weird cravings let up soon. My biggest issue was the horrible fatigue! I could barely make it through the day!

I know you'll be glad to see your sweetie! Enjoy those hugs.

Hannah said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about the morning sickness and cravings. I hope they pass soon. I'm sure the third pregnancy is a lot different to the first or second!

Karen MEG said...

First of all, big congrats on the news!!! Secondly, sorry about the not so fun stuff, hopefully it will pass soon.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

MJ said...

First trimester cravings. Ah, I remember them well! (Ben & Jerry's 1/2 Baked Ice Cream, please!!)

If you are wanting a kids' chair & table set for your cabin, you are welcome to take the set off our front porch (located near the mail box).

Kori said...

For three months when I was p regnant with Hannah, I had to eat a cheeseburger from McDonad's EVERY day. Even though I would quickly hark it back up, I HAD to have it.

BeachMama said...

The only part of pregnancy that I don't love, the need to eat!

I hope you were feeling well enough to enjoy some Thanksgiving dinner. And sorry about the snow :(.