Thursday, October 23, 2008

A new baby...but not the real kind

Yes I have a new baby and it intimidates me more than a real one.

I got an early birthday gift almost a week ago. (my b-day isn't until next month)
Thing is there is a learning curve. I know there is a learning curve with all babies but this one does come with a manual. Problem is that it is just not English to me.
 Every picture I take is blurry or out of focus. I feel like a need to enroll in a camera class for dummies!
It is the Nikon D90 and there are some pretty  exciting features. Live view is a new thing and so is the video mode, however this camera has also been hanging out with its big brother the D300 and a few things rubbed off on it. This is supposed to be a good thing but I am finding it rather scary. If any of you have any pointers or know of sites that could help I am all ears!
I am feeling rather lost right now!
So rather than sit and read the manual I stuck with the familiar...reading learning books with Kaitlyn. Maybe this is a sign that my brain truly has turned to mush.
So off I went with my trusty old point and shoot. Not that this is a bad camera by any means, it has served me rather well. I was just finding that I was wanting more.
On with my distractions. A parcel came in the mail and it sure was exciting for a certain girl. This was something that she had chosen online and was waiting quite patiently for its arrival. It now goes where she does and is always filled with various treasures.
To nab one of your own go here.
And you can see that since I have been so frustrated with learning about my camera I have been choosing to fiddle in photo shop instead. (The above was inspired by some of Kim's awesome shots)
And some more in the area of distractions.
The moments when they nap together are not often and when it happens it is cherished.
Double peace!
Oooo, and I cannot forget this! When old friends come to town it is such a treat. Visiting with Maria was so bittersweet. We chat non stop as if we still see each other ever week rather than once or twice  a year. And then saying goodbye is always so hard, I just wanted her to say forever! Miss you already girl!

Back to the camera stuff. Every day I spend some time adjusting and fiddling with buttons. And whala.....I took a half decent picture! (this is the only one from the new camera in this post)
Now I am counting down the hours till my photographer in the making cousin gets here, I hope he can clear up a few things for me so I feel a little more comfortable with all this.
This baby is something else!

Oh, and on the incubating baby front for those of you wondering how things are going. I am still feeling queasy and yucky, starting to feel fatter and still really tired. Food still stinks and don't come near me with meat. Not tuna, chicken, beef or pork, non of it, yuck! Even the dirty ones I just ate off of make me feel sick. Dave has been the biggest life saver and has taken over dishes every night, love the guy!

Now I am going to try and read some of that camera manual, see if I can become half educated before my tutorial tonight.
Have a good one!


Kori said...

I have camera envy. And baby envy. And envy of those peacefully sleeping babies of your because I want to be sleeping, too. I am even envious of your orange carpet. least we have similar glasses...

beck said...

Oooooooh congratulations! Such fun. And I hope you start feeling better with the pregnancy soon. What an awesome husband you have!

Hannah said...

Woooo ... congrats on the new camera! I'm jealous!
I hope your morning sickness goes away soon!

kari and kijsa said...

Oooooh we love it for you!! Happy early Birthday!! Fun with friends, fabulous photos! Love it all!!

Have a blessed day,
kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

Happy Early Birthday! I'm sure I'll have the same reaction when I get a DSLR. It will take me forever to learn all the things I want to learn. I know you'll get there.

bethany actually said...

Yay for the new camera! Once you get used to it, you are going to love it. :-)

I am glad Kaitlyn likes her pumpkin bag!

Kami said...

It's been a few months will my SLR and I am still learning! You can teach me!

Kimberley said...

I'm going to give you a pointer.... it's called "automatic focus"... :P Thats all I got. Everything else comes with learning and practice.... :)

Catharine said...

Hey Anna...SWEET camera! We got a Nikon D60 earlier this year and I love it - it takes awesome pictures, but it is different fromm yours as I don't have the video feature. What I love most about the camera is that it actually takes photos the instant you press the button - unlike my old digital. As someone else said earlier, just put it on auto for now while you are learning - there are so many cool features which might take awhile for you to learn. Also, you really need to love using it to make it worthwhile for you to use it while you have little ones in tow. I always find I don't have enough hands so I hang the camera around my neck. Poor Luke has been bashed in the head a few times while I bend down to help him and the camera swings out and nails him.

I saw Rose and Brian at choir last night. You should give them a call...I let it slip about baby on the way and I was shocked to find out that they hadn't known - sorry!

I hope all is well with you and that you are getting some rest!

Angella said...

Congratulations! A good DSLR is worth its weight in gold :)

Anonymous said...

Awww !
SWEET camera!
It was GREAT to see you - even for just a little bit- I wish I was able to get away for a little longer.

So guess what ?!?
I'm going to take the freelance work!
I gave my current employer my notice when I got back to work on Wednesday.

He's taking it in stride - he's a bit upset... but I told him that I'm not going to leave completely *(yet)

I'll do both part time for now...

wish me luck!


Elaine A. said...

Oh the cameras... I have such a love/hate relationship with mine...

Love cutie Kaitlyn struttin' her stuff! : )

BeachMama said...

Congrats on the new camera!! I covet the D300 and hope to one day own one or the newest version of it. I don't have the live view on my Nikon, but I love it to pieces and my only advice is to shoot, shoot, shoot... eventually you figure out all the buttons ;).

Love the purse, Apple has one the same :)

Stacie said...