Monday, October 6, 2008

Country time and a pumpkin hat

Saturday turned out to be a warm and sunny beautiful day. 
After lounging around all morning we got off our duffs and headed out to the lake for the afternoon via back roads. It is fun to do this every  once in a while and this time we got to see parts of the valley we had never seen before.
Once out at the lake we busied ourselves with cleaning and organizing to get ready for Thanksgiving weekend. 
And of course with kicking back a little. The relaxed atmosphere out there practically demands it.

Back in the city with lists of things to do and crafts to be made for the weekend. More on all that later in the week.
Sunday was another lazy day. We only managed a few minutes in church and ended up leaving between the bread and wine. Kaitlyn decided she really wanted to sit on my lap for the service and not go to her Sunday school class. 
Ethan seemed happy enough to stay but  after a few minutes the teacher came to find me. So much for that idea. He was freaking out without his sister there and couldn't be calmed down. After 5 minutes of sitting in the hallway with him Dave and Kaitlyn came to join us. Rather that spend the whole service in the foyer we headed home. 

After lunch Kaitlyn and I went out to a baby shower.
She loved the baby and wanted to hold and play with him non stop. Then when it was time to open gifts she got right in there and opened every single one, passing the card and gift to the new mommy. (Of course this was at the invitation of the mom)
On to today. Gymnastics day. A few weeks ago Ethan dropped out of his class. He is quite content to sit on the bleachers playing with his cars and watching Kaitlyn in her class.
So much for that!
When we got home there was a package in the mail. 
I had thought it would be for Kaitlyn but they are happy to share it.
Is it not the cutest little hat ever?!
If you want one of your own check them out here, she does custom orders too if they are all sold out.

Thank you Beachmama, we love it!!
Especially the old man way;-)


mamatucci said...

Thats a really cute hat. I love the blk and whites of Kaitlyn on the chair.

Elaine A. said...

Love Kaitlyn in the chair and that first picture is just gorgeous!!

Kim said...

I love the pics of Kaitlyn in the chair. Adorable. You should frame a series of them.

LOVE the hat! Beachmama is awesome. The Bean has one of her aprons and wears it when she cooks in her play kitchen. She love that it has pockets.

Angella said...

I love the shots of Kaitlyn! So beautiful.

Gayle said...

Like the other commenters, I think the shots of Kaitlyn on the chair are so wonderful!

The Chatty Housewife said...

The 4th and 5th wagon wheel photos are my favorite. Seriously cute! I love the hat too!

cc said...

No internet for two weeks and I miss everything!!

Congratulations!!! and I hope your tooth starts to feel better soon.

BlogHer Ads is open again.

Angela Fehr said...

Sounds exactly like our church experience with Wes! I never hear a full sermon anymore - but we had a good experience with acclimating him to his class last week so it may be soon that I will have a peaceful service and actually get to sit beside my husband!

BeachMama said...

I love your relaxing time in the Country. And those photos of Kaitlyn are gorgeous. And well, Ethan just looks adorable in the pumpkin hat :). Thanks for plugging my shop for me.

Temeculamom said...

Love that orange hat! And those photos are amazing!!