Saturday, October 18, 2008

Missing you

More than a week! I know, it feels like ages!
I have meant to get on here every day since last weekend but I have been wiped. By the time I get the kids to bed I fall asleep with them in their beds. 
So here is what is new. 
Last weekend Dave's sister and brother in-law came to visit with their two chic magnet boys.
Kaitlyn was drawn right in, then again she has always loved them.

We met them out at the lake for the weekend with plans for long walks and jaunts to the park and with warm fall weather in mind. Lesson learned. Listen to the forecast.
We had to make a morning trip into the city to gear up with socks, hats and mitts to combat the cold.
Then I was worried the whole weekend that I wasn't feeling sick enough. I had been so tired and nauseous the week before and had had a cramp and sharp pain just before leaving to head out there. 
 I felt on top of the world the whole weekend. Not a great feeling to have when you are pregnant. I was quietly freaking out inside and spent one night up sitting watching the embers dye down in the stove praying and meditating.
I came to a point where I was ok with the idea that we may have lost the baby.  The Lord is in control and I had to just let go and go with the flow and see what He has in store. I always struggle with this giving it to the Lord and then trying to take the control back. 
So I carried on having fun all weekend and stayed extremely busy. I love seeing relatives and miss seeing them frequently ever since we moved here. It really was a huge treat to have them out.
Ethan was thrilled to have his cousins around and spent nearly every moment with them....well except when they were out shooting each other during the air soft wars.
One of the big outings of the weekend took us to the local market garden in search of veggies for supper and a pumpkin or two.
Ethan listened to them. Not sure what they said but he had to check the biggest ones out.

And he wanted to take one home. 
Since it wouldn't budge he settled on a much more portable one.
On with the weekend and Sunday. 10 am and the turkey went into the oven.
Thanksgiving dinner for 24 people was at our place. With the day getting colder and colder by the moment we spent most of it inside by the fire preparing for family to arrive.
It was a very relaxing and easy dinner, the easiest I every hosted. Then again the fact that everybody that came brought a dish was what made it. All we had to do was the turkey, stuffing gravy and veggies while the guys hung out around the BBQ all afternoon basting a huge ham.  Home made buns, amazing salads, potatoes, sweet potato, pies, tables and chairs were all  brought by others. 
 It was awesome!
Half way through dinner there was a cry from one of the kids, "SNOW!"
As soon as the main course was gobbled down we all rushed out to get our first taste of the white stuff.

As the snow kept falling dessert was eaten and the talk about sledding started. We could hear a neighbor out revving his machine and it was then only moments before Dave had his out.
Rides through the park were soon under way.

An awesome Thanksgiving day wrapped up with fireworks. Thank you Dave!
The snow continued to fall through the night and in the morning we awoke to a beautiful white blanket covering all the green.
Ethan was so excited to explore the snow with his trucks and then the snow people building began.
Monday was a warm melty day out there and we spent it in shorts and t-shirts. As the day came to an end we packed up and headed back into the city.

My worries about being pregnant were still heavy on my mind but as the day wore on and we said good bye to our company the sickie feeling once again came back. 
Every day it has been worse ever since. I gag bad when I go near the fridge and the thought of meat....repulsive!
I am glad I am feeling gross again however the tiredness that has overtaken me is something else. Dave has been doing all the dishes and laundry and cleaning. I am like a bump on a log at this point. So this is why I have been absent, I have hardly turned on the computer to check e-mails every other day. I will have a lot of catch up reading to do when I feel a little better. 
I miss you guys!!!
I had forgotten what it was like when there are no comments and e-mails from you. Victoria's Secret sales notices is all that has come in in the last two days. Not so exciting!
Anyway, I am off to lay by the fire and watch Ruby and Max with the kids.


Catharine said...

Glad you are back and feeling sick! I remember those times and how much I too worried when I did not feel sick. Looking back now, you can consider it a blessing from the Lord that you had such a great Thanksgiving weekend and felt good to enjoy it! Could it be maybe that being out at the lake is what helps you feel better? Sounds like you might have to try going out there again!

The Chatty Housewife said...

I am glad you are feeling gross again too! You and your family are in my prayers

Gayle said...

So glad you're feeling crummy again! It's been so long since I was pregnant with my children that I forgot all of the worrying that accompanies pregnancy.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving you had! Wow, snow!

Anonymous said...

hi Anna, David, Kaitlyn and Ethan! And of course my upcoming grandbaby!
Sounds like you had a great thanksgiving - I know the Gomez family had a ton of fun.
Glad to hear things are going well and look forward to seeing you soon. Ponty really missed your blog this week as did I. Glad to have you back!
Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

Glad you are reassuringly queasy again. I remember that total exhaustion! I hope it passes soon.

It looks as if y'all had a great visit with family! Such great memories!

Elaine A. said...

So how do I say this? Glad you feel bad? HA!

I know what you mean about that though. I always took it as a good sign that I felt bad as well.

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! With snow & everything!

Midwest Mommy said...

What a great post about family and fun!
But seriously, snow? I can't think about it yet...

Stacie said...

oh no! snow.

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving...and I hope that your worst fear about the pregnancy is not true!

Great family photo by the pumpkins too!

Stacie said...

tagged and awarded on my blog, come see. :)

BeachMama said...

Your Thanksgiving looked fabulous even with the snow. My Sister and her kids had a riot in the snow too. The first falling of snow is always the most fun for the kids.

As for feeling gross. I am glad you are feeling that way again. I remember fretting and fearing every twinge and feeling. When you have experienced loss, there is no way to get that thought out of your head. God will be with you, his plans laid out.

Temeculamom said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is so easy when everyone brings something. That photo of Ethan listening to the pumpkins is just about the cutest thing ever! I am so happy you are feeling sick again (never thought I'd say that). That is a great sign. Sometimes life is just too busy to blog!

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