Monday, August 11, 2008

Still hooting

I had this brainy post but that was a few hours ago and and pre bath.  It is lost. Baths do this to me....I wash my memory away with the aches.
So now that my brain is empty I will bore you with the same old.

We went back out to the lake and continued to putz. I missed the internet this time and I considered writing it a letter.
I swear that I could hear my e-mail 'pinging' at me but I know it was only in my head.
I almost hand wrote a letter but the fact that my written word is so rough I cannot read it blows that idea.
Anyway, I figured out ways to keep busy and keep the imaginary 'pings' at bay.
Out at the fire pit one night Dave broke out the light sticks for the kids. He then disappeared and reappeared with a light saber. The glowing saber wars commenced.
After 10 minutes Kaitlyn was bored so we headed in to owl of course.
I have no idea but owls have been on the brain lately.
Kaitlyn helped stitch it and then stuffed it. She then declared it was the baby boy so she needed a girl and a mommy and a daddy.
A project to get me through the weekend, yay!

Sister owl was born. She is slightly larger than brother owl but I have no photos to show of them together. Well I do have a few but my camera died half way through the upload so the picture of them with the mama one and all the perspective and stuff are hanging out till I recharge.
It will be a while since I think I left the charger out at the lake and I haven't been able to find the spare battery since Christmas. This is a part of my disorganization issues. I have no excuses.
Moving on. A few weeks ago (when we still had a junk pile) my Grandpa was rummaging and came across the top quarter of an old hat/coat rack. He took it home created a pole and a base for it and brought it back. What to do?
Well Dave and Ethan were out making a trip to the dump and Kaitlyn was splashing in the sprinkler, ah ha, a ripe opportunity to do a me craft.
Out came the can of spray paint.

Down one can. One more to go.
Still looks a little rough so next post and after another can should be the final results.
I love it. Not for everyone but I am all about adding hits of color here and there in unexpected ways.
It seemed as though Dave and Ethan were gone forever so after the spraying and splashing and a few good story telling sessions(I am working on uploading those for another time too) we broke out the 'mommy marters'.
"Mommy marters' are the ones that still have pointy tips are are used for my sketch book only. This is a pretty big treat and are never out when Ethan is around-----which is really almost all the time.
With Dave and Eth-man back just in time to meet with the septic dude I was so happy.
Do you have any idea how nasty it is to be anywhere near the septic pump truck?
It is so bad that if you plug our nose you can taste it and still almost faint.
This is Dave on his way down. The smell did him in. Just kidding he didn't faint but it was sooo gross!
Back to the owls. Here is the mommy underway. Still needed pupils here and feet but the back side is my favourite. Kaitlyn requested a special pocket to hold the babies so she has a pouch on her back. 
Next post I promise (I will try anyway) to show the whole owl family in action.
While off exploring with the kids we came across a pile of spider webs in the old wagon wheel. I am very entertained and amazed at how they spin their webs. So intricate and delicate, like old lace. Beautiful in a way, well when they are not in my house. 
Kaitlyn thought I was just taking pictures of the wheel so she took a turn with the camera, focused on the wheel and snapped away. Most of them are blurry shots of the center piece and parts of spokes--- she took a photo of each one as she counted them.
Then we paused for a brief photo shoot. Ethan disappeared.

So it was a girls session.

Another subject now.
A little trip down memory lane.
This is how the yard was when we first got it. Well minus their vehicles and camper and a tent.
It doesn't look as bad as it really was.....there was so much in the 4 sheds and behind them and well.....
it amounted to this pile.
And ta-da!! Seven loads to the dump and two taken by my uncle to  metal recycling and we have a yard.

And couldn't be happier!
Well we could but we won't go there right now....keeping the optimism going here!
Back with more when I find the charger.....I have a feeling a little bit of organization will be needed to get me there though.
Darn messy-creative-overly-easily-distracted mind!

Hooting along now, cheerio!


Kami said...

Oh the yard looks awesome, yay for all the junk being gone, hip hip hooray! Go Dave!

I love the owls and the coat rack, you just never cease to amaze me. I think you should stop beating yourself up about being a creative, disorganized gal...without people like you the world would be incredibly boring and far too organized to allow for any fun.

Love you just the way your are!

Kori said...

Organized, schmorganized....if I were as talented and lovely as you are, I would just not give a rip. :)

Madame Bluestocking said...

I love the coat rack! I also love the unexpected colors. I'm dying to paint a few things (including walls) but haven't really had time lately! I think I need a cottage of my own to get away to...

kari and kijsa said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and your thoughtfulness. Your comment was a comfort during this difficult time, and we have reread so many for encouragement over the last weeks. Thank you.

kari & kijsa

Elaine A. said...

I love all the color you are using in your furnishings and life in general!! Those owls are the cutest!

And those pics of Kaitlyn are SOOOO pretty!

p.s. nice yard! : )

drowninginlaundry said...

I love the red coat rack. I tend to throw things out when I am sick of them and really I should just spraypaint them a different color or something.....

Stacie said...

things are looking very good your way! woohoo.

PS, you've been tagged.

Anonymous said...

OK this blogging once a week isn't good enough!!!! Get busy.

Anna-b-bonkers said...

Oh boy, good one!
I will add this to my list. I think I might just have to do a multi meme post. I suck at these , soon, some day, really, I will do it!
Thanks for the tag:)