Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy belated 3rd me and well, that other half ;)

This is a post for me. I have been to busy to blog and this one has sat in the archives for a few days---or 4.
So since I want a record of this anniversary and I want these photos I am doing a post dedicated to myself.
Oh, and I guess I should include Dave in this since he did do all the writing and stuff for the first year and a half.
Back in the day when you had to edit HTML and I thought we were the only bloggers out there besides a few sports blogs.
Sheeesh who was the geek?!!
After we moved here I pestered and pestered Dave to do a post and he just didn't feel like it.
So, I plunked my sorry butt down and here we are today, unashamedly addicted.
So without ado, happy day us!
Three years ago on the 28th was our first post.

Ashalee ( a sweet friend who I am missing) swinging in the yard.
The floor, what to do.

Did any of the above make any sense?
I have no explanations this post. Next one I will go into detail.
However for the photo above I have a story.

What an outing that was.
A girlfriend and I and our kids headed over to the park the other day. It was cloudy but nice so we picked up iced coffees and headed for the play structure.
Kaitlyn had just climbed to the top of the structure when all of a sudden a massive wind caught us off guard.
The water from the splash park about 2 school bus lengths away hit us full force.
Ethan started screaming as the wind pushed him back towards some trees.

You know when you were a kid and made that motorcycle wind face where you put your hands on your cheeks and pull back the skin making it taunt?

Well Ethan's face was like that into the wind. It was a plow wind.
I yelled for Kaitlyn to come down the slide, grabbed Ethan, grabbed K and ran for the truck.
It was so hard to get through the wind and after we were all safely in we watched the sky.

Turns out the winds were over 100 kms (60 miles) an hour in some places and I am sure it was close to that where we were.  Branches were falling all over the street and the truck rocked.
We were pretty scared.
Needless to say we headed for home. 

Anyway, I am off to get the next post under way. Getting this far behind when I have so much to share is driving me bonkers. Reveals and outings and 5 days without Dave and a reno that I tackled on my own..... oh, my brain is busting!

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