Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chomp, chomp...I'm gonna get you.

Wonder about that title?
You'll see eventually...we'll make it through all the updatey stuff then get to the fun.
By the way I did two posts tonight so if you don't have enough of my yapping by the end of this post just keep on reading.
Happy chomping.
I just made it through five days on my own.
Actually it was really a family effort. Emily slept over once and Phil slept over a few times.
This is a big treat for the kids and of course thought the evenings end up longer the kids sleep like babies, well like babies should.
I started off the week saying goodbye to a very good friend.  She called early. Before coffee or makeup or teeth brushing, still a bad case of bed head going on and I was still foggy but I heard her say she was on her way. 
I managed to throw on some clothes and get to the door.
A good start I thought until she pointed to my back side and filled me in on the fact that my underwear was on inside out and the tag was hanging out my shorts. 
Ya, I am good when you get me moving in the early hours.
We started coffee and took the kids out back to play while we relished in our last visit for a very long time.
I will miss you girl! I sure hope you get filthy rich super fast so you can fly back for lots of visits! 
And now I will move on, quick. Before the floodgates open.
Kaitlyn is loving learning to read. We missed a few days and she didn't skip a beat. On the first sight of the words she remembered all of them. We introduced three more yesterdays and after repeating them only once she could pick them out of the mix.
Only problem is that I wrote each word in a different color and I think she is remembering the word in association to the color. Tomorrow they will all be black.
Splash park interlude.
Ethan. He has moved on from his yellow doggy t-shirt and his red giraffe shirt to this "tat" shirt. Thank  you MA and Ponty for this shirt. He is now on day three with it and to pry it off him is one tremendous battle. He waits and rummages through the clean laundry. The look when he finds it is pure bliss, "tat, tat, tat" he shrieks as we get it on as quick as can be. Apparently truck shirts are not big here, it is "tat" shirts.

A trip to RONA with Grammy and Emily in tow. I was intimidated and scared. It is one thing to go to the hardware store with Dave. He knows stuff about wood and tools and hardware gadgets. I ended up dragging my mom and Emily with us by bribing them with the free popcorn you get at the door. It is yummy and totally worth the trip but it doesn't make the whole wood buying trip any less stressful.
I went in with measurements in hand. I am afraid of Dave's saw so I had the cut shop at the store do all my cutting.
Big mistake.
They did not pay attention to my 3/4 and 3/8 measurements so I had to trim at home. Grrr.
However taking home little pieces was far less intimidating than taking home a 12 foot length to deal with on my own.
I had this vision that I could go into the closet and finish it in a day. It didn't look hard. 
Turns out that doing the actual work is way harder than telling someone how to do it.
Sorry Dave, I have a massive new respect for you!
I ended up calling in Great Grandpa because I could not even get a nail in straight. I know what to do, getting it done, another story. GGrandpa saved my day. 
Moving on again, chomping through...I caught Kaitlyn in a very forced "cheese" but wanted to get this out there anyway. We looooove our aprons!
Beachmama made them and if you want one she sells them in her shop.
The are great quality and super cute. Thank you Beachmama!
Chomping again.....on some undies!
This is one of a set of custom order fridge magnets...Andrea, soon, we are making progress!
Chop, chop.......
This is what sparred the title.
I was in a geeky mood with Dave out of town and had a little fun.
They are now in my shop along with one other geeky little gadget. 
Head on over here to check them out.
Chomping onward again.
My night garden. My lilies finally realize it is summer and are starting to bloom.

And my reno mess. Before I could get the closet organizer put together this floor had to be dealt with. There are different levels and layers and glue. It was a mess.
On the third trip to the hardware store I finally got something that could work with the mess.

Laminate peel and stick strips. They look real, feel real but are not. I wouldn't go and do my whole house in this but they make a pretty closet.
Now for some stripping to cover the seam, some doors and an organizer.
I am dying to tell you how it looks now but...
The reveal.
Next post.


BeachMama said...

Oh Thank you Anna!! I am so happy that the kids love the aprons and thank you for the shout out for my shop :).

And you are adventurous to try to do that closet alone, without Dave :)

Kami said...

Hey you! We are home, we had a fantastic time and I am too pooped to put a relevant comment on here :-)

Great job for making it through the week though!

bethany actually said...

Hey, Kaitlyn & Annalie have matching aprons now!

I love Ethan's "tat" shirt.

Hannah said...

Ah, Pacman! Chomp, chomp. I love that game as a kid. Cute magnets :-)

Sorry about your friend moving away, but looks like your last visit together was fun!

Congrats on your 3-year blogaversary, too!

Kori said...

Those aprons almost make me wish I had a little girl again. ALMOST. Great to be back and see some photos! I am envious of your lilies.

Elaine A. said...

Sorry about your friend leaving.

Love the Pac Man magnets, those are too fun!

Tracey said...

Cute magnets!

FYI, using different colors to help her learn words is actually a great idea. That's why picture books are such a great training method. If they can't figure out the word, they should use the picture to try and guess them. She's doing awesome for how young she is!

The Chatty Housewife said...

Your closet looks great! I recently added some stacking metal cubes to mine and it is so nice to see everything spread out a little more.