Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hoo, hoo........

This is going to be a bit of an all over the place kind of post. 
Just warning you.
I'll just blabber whatever comes with each photo.
Ya...be prepared to hop, skip and jump around.
Wasn't the house good enough?
Or maybe the inn was full.
The fridge family. And no there are not two new additions to the family to announce, they are Kaitlyn's babies.
A few days out at the cottage over the weekend sparred these little Hooty dudes.
To see them better go over here.
We decided to bake a cake one afternoon. Since we have no baking supplies out at the lake, not even pans we ended up at the general store finding tin cake pans. I had no idea there were such things. I think I will use them from now on. The were way better than any proper baking pans I have ever used and even though I had no flour to dust the bottom (I substituted graham crumbs instead) they worked so well...you can dent the bottom if they stick a little after and pop, there they are.
And the results, yummo!
The men. I think discussing how to tear down something or another. We still have plenty of that to do out there.
Inspired from the painting...soon to be a owl pillow if I can figure out how to fix the sewing machine. This machine has been awesome. Passed down from Dave's Grandma to step mom to me (I think that is how it went) and it has served me well. That is until yesterday when it decided to go back one stitch for every two it goes forward. What the heck did we do to it?
According to the manual the settings are all right. Now I need to drag someone that knows a thing or two about these things out there. 
So, consider this an open invitation....if you are a sewing machine master to come out and visit me at the lake....any time....really soon.
I really don't want to stitch this thing by hand.
A garage sale find...actually really more like a treasure.  This play house is like new and we got it and this all-terrain heavy duty doll stroller, a huge easel/chalk board, Mr. 
potato heads and a doll for $65.

The loot got hauled out to the lake that day and the good times commenced.
We headed over to my parents cottage a few times as well and took the kids down to play in the water.
Getting Ethan wet beyond the knees is a challenge.
He is a land boy and when we all went out on the boat he insisted on staying behind.
Dave and I ended up taking turns staying with him. He would have nothing to do with it, wouldn't even go down on the dock when the boat was pulled up.

On the way home last night Dave and I got talking about this. 
He will not go in anything that is motorized and moving. 
He won't even go in Dave's truck to play, not in the tractor if it running and definitely not in someone elses vehicle.
He loves his car seat and it's seat belt and it must be in my truck. We cannot even start the truck for one reason or another without him in his seat belt.

A massive panicy tear fest will ensue if anything is done out of order.

He was quite fine however to watch Auntie TT and daddy take turns wind surfing.
It is just him that he worries about.
Funny how we all have our quirks, guess that is what makes us individuals and interesting.
The fair was in town this past week as well.
Of course we picked the hottest of days and the hottest time of that day to go.
It was dead.
When it is dead the rules change apparently.
To play the games where you win stuffed animals the guys were yelling that if we would even just come and try we could have our pick of a prize.
Only problem, we had walked there and you would have had to pay me to lug those stuffies home.
One of the ladies at a booth told me I was a mean mom because of it but she doesn't know that we have enough junk around here to run ten of those booths.
We left empty handed and probably 5 lbs lighter due to the massive amounts of sweat pouring off us.
Emily and Phil tagged along and we had some fun at a few of the not so hot attractions.
And since it was dead there were no time limits. 
Eventually the heat did us in and we headed off for water.
Emily watched a few thrill seekers scream and screech.
On our way out we hit the petting zoo. It was indoors and packed. Turns out that we weren't the only ones dying outside and we all had the same idea.

Back home in the evening shade the kids helped me peel potatoes and corn for a late supper.
They couldn't resist the raw. Every time!
Ooo, remember the closet I was working on when Dave was gone? Well this is what he came home to.
The shelves still need to be bracketed and the rods need to get installed, doors need to be hung as well but I had to leaves something for Dave.
Actually I am a little afraid of his drills so I left him that part.

I love being able to see my clothes finally and shoes, I could just sit there and look at my shoes for hours, well not quite hours but I do love my shoes. 
I am not the only one and I have a feeling in a few years I just might be sharing them with another certain little shoe lover.

Now that I have puttsed around all day on here I had better go and get some real life stuff done.

No more hooting around!

I have had that song stuck in my head for three days now, ever since I started those paintings.
 Hoo, hoo.
I know it is "who", not hoo, I am working on my own version over here.


Elaine A. said...

I can't believe you got all that awesome stuff for 65 bucks!! That is awesome!

I have I told you lately that I love you(r posts?)

{tee hee}

Kami said...

This was so fun, thanks for updating us in your perfectly Anna way :-)

The closet looks amazing! I know where to go when I need me a pair of stylish shoes! What size are you anyway ;-)

Our closet is done too, it makes me so happy inside I could giggle.

Kathryn said...

Wow! It looks like you are having an amazing summer!

And that playhouse is awesome! It is in the perfect spot too. It is just like a treehouse now. :)

Kori said...

I love those yellow heels in your closet. May I borrow them?

Temeculamom said...

You have so much going on! I'm glad your family is having so much fun. The kids are adorable, and the cake looks delish. So would the corn if it were cooked! Don't worry about Ethan. I was one of those worried children (about swimming, jumping from high places, etc) but I turned out just fine. Sometimes it's just a stage they go through.