Thursday, August 21, 2008

And I thought I could bang out a mini.

Turns out I have a bit to share, blab, get out, so my attempted mini has grown into a monster. Here goes. Over to you Kaitlyn.
Hi everyone, Kaitlyn here. I want to tell you a story or 500. 
Well I am good at starting them anyway.
I know you are all dying to hear my ramblings, they are kinda like the ones that bonk around in my mommies head. 
I can keep going and going, mommy will just have to cut me off eventually but I am cute!
OK. Here I go, just click the arrow on the video below. You might have to turn up the volume too. I am really good at looking every where but at the camera.

Oh tay, back to you mommy.

Sorry about the poor quality, it looked great on my computer but translating it onto you tube wasn't so great. Maybe it is time to try something else.
A few things.
This one time....once upon a time....I got an e-mail. An exciting one. It was from a design firm in charge of huge resorts, casino's and hotels all over north and south America. They had stumbled across my art blog and loved a few pieces and wondered if I would be ok with signing a possible contract with them. 
A contract that would involve featuring a few painting in each room of a 500 suit hotel in New York!
They would then submit my art along with a few others to the owners who have final say in what is featured in their space and then the printing would begin. I would get paid on a per print basis. 
It would be a dream come true. 
I haven't heard back yet how the meeting with the owners but if I don't get chosen I will get submitted for a few other projects as well. 
Someday, this would be sooooo nice.

Ready for another one?

OK, this isn't as big. But I am a nervous wreck over it in my head, still cool on the outside but my tummy feels funny, shhhh, though, I will get over it I am sure.
Man, I think I am making no sense right now, my fingers are just not fast enough to keep up with my brain.

The news is this. I am going to be teaching this fall. Teaching a pre school craft class. 
Today I went to the local Christian school (across the street) to see if I could get Kaitlyn in for a class. They had had one cancellation and she could be fit in on Friday afternoons for a two hour class.
Sounded good. 
We went to see the class and the kids had a blast. It was a fantastic room with stations for crafts, books, dolls, play house, trains, trucks, sand and more. Kaitlyn loved it until I told her she would be there alone with the other kids and I would have to stay out with Ethan.
She doesn't even do well in a Sunday school class with out one of us(Dave, me or Ethan) there.
Next year Ethan can be there at the school too but this year he is too young. 
So, what to do.
I made a few calls and found out that the home schooling group has a program one afternoon a week that offers the same type of idea but with a twist.
It is more interactive with the parent and there are three to four teachers and  three or four classes all based around a different subject or activity. No one had volunteered yet so I decided that I would offer to do a class. Crafts are my thing so crafts it was. 
Oh and Ethan gets to be there too.
So I shall tackle glue and googly eyes and twenty 3 and 4 year olds. Should be fun! (shudder)
Really it should though, I just get nervous.
And I will do it in style.
No hair bands or roots!
And maybe I will wear my new favourite shoes.
Flat and friendly. I am learning.

Now I am totally going another direction.

I forgot to tell you that we went on a mini vacation the other week. It was a spur of the moment trip. The kind of trip born out of boredom on a rainy day.
We headed to Watrous.
It is a neat town. Alive and kicking on the inside and a little tired and neglected on the outside.

After a picnic lunch in the back of the truck (which was actually kinda gross and I would not recommend stopping at the Burger buoy but it was fun) we headed for the spa.

The spa was what I was really hoping for and was glad the weather was still crummy. There is so much salt in the water there that you just cannon sink. Kaitlyn could actually swim and I am afraid that she will be rather disappointed when we go to a real pool again and it is not the same. Ethan's eczema burned so he sat on the side playing with his truck while Dave put his hands behind his head and floated around. It was an awesome little spontaneous excursion.
I am all about spontaneous!
Back home for the evening Kaitlyn posed with her new shoes. This is what she does if I ask her for a 'nice' picture.
Goof ball!
And to wrap this up here are my men. Both pee in the potty, one only occasionally.
We bought little 'Cars' and 'Diego' underwear for him today. Size two. I swear it would fit a 6 year old. I rolled down the top and had to pin it just to keep em on.
So any of you mom's out there with boys....where do you get little  underwear?
This is rather mind boggling. Do most boys have really fat butts?

Cuz this one sure doesn't.

Now again, totally new topic. I swear I will get better with shorter posts again, someday, sheesh you all deserve gold medals for this marathon post!

So...if any of you are stumped about a birthday gift for it has even crossed your mind. I know it is still a few months off, but...there is this video I just came across and if you find the CD, I want that, OK? OK.

Then there is this special childhood friend I have and respect and love to bits and wish she was next door. She is a musician and artist and seamstress and kicks butt at all of em and she does amazing volunteer work and I could go on and on but what I want to say is...(breath)...she just released this CD, and I have to get it!

OK, totally a double or back to back gold for you now! Which brings me to the Olympics.
Never mind, that is another post in itself, I am out of breath with all this typing and linking. 
I only wish I was half as in shape as some of those women, they are soooo ripped! 

Oh, and then there are tags, I will do them really. I keep thinking I will save them for a day that I have nothing to say.
Then I get all chatty and blabby and off I go when I thought I would finally be able to put out a mini post. After summer when we get boring again. I will save them for then.
So now I am off to bed, did you see the time, what the heck am I doing up this late?!


Kori said...

I love your ramblings, I really do. And they do NOT make undies for small boys-they just don't. Safety pins, rolling the band, they all work. My 9 year old is wearing size 6 undies finally-whew!

Anonymous said...

Nothing brightens a day like hearing Kaitlyn tell a story and sing.
Love to you all and see you tomorrow. Will call enroute with ETA.
Love Grandma Grumpy

Stacie said...

I happen to think that rambling posts are the BEST! Loved reading it all!

mamatucci said...

Great post,Kaitlyn was too cute with all her stories.And Ethan is so well behaved how he let her talk and did his own thing. Matteo would have interupted her 10 times and kissed or hugged 15.
Good luck with the art,that is exciting.

Hannah said...

Oh my! Kaitlyn is just ADORABLE! I just LOVE her accent (and yours). You both sound so cute, I love Canadian accents so much!

Your news is very exciting - I hope it all works out for you!

ispeakbeanish said...

Kaitlyn is so adorable!

Keep us posted on the artwork! That is super exciting.

LOVE the hair!

You'll do so great at the class, and Kaitlyn will have special memories of it.

Have a great weekend!

Madame Bluestocking said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! I'll let you know as soon as the tracks are up on the download site!

Karen MEG said...

Anna, this was great catching up... and the video, your girlie is just so adorable "Once upon a time..." ... just treasure this age, it is so much fun!

Congrats on the art class... I'm sure you'll be wonderful, I just see how great you are with your own kids and the projects you do at home; those little 3 and 4 year olds don't know how lucky they are.

Your hair, the blue toesies ... all smashing!!!

Mary said...

Actually, they do make little boys undies. I got some for Mischievo at Wal-Mart when he was potty trained at 2 1/2. They were in the baby section not the boys section. He's pretty skinny and still fits them!

The Chatty Housewife said...

I think the Mercy Me/Bart Millard CD is called "Hymned Again" and it's for sale around here right now! You should be able to find it on the net.

Awesome news about the hotel art... I will pray that it goes through and you get the contract!

Elaine A. said...

Thanks for the video of Kaitlyn! She's even cuter "in person!" HA! Love her little ramblings... wonder where she gets it from. OH just kidding... kinda!

For the record my 4-yr old has a tiny tushy too and it's hard to find undies for him as well b/c I never know which size to buy.

Oh and love your hair and your cute shoes!

drowninginlaundry said...

I bought underwear at Superstore for Emmett that actually fits. They are the waffle weave training pants and I just shrunk them in hot water. He puts his bob the builders on over them and they are still too big. GAH! It is a pain since he has been partially potty trained since 18 months (meaning he still poops in his drawers ugh).

I remember going to Manitou with my Baba and Gido as a kid and I had the worst allergic reaction to something when I was there and was covered in hives for 3 days. It was a real pain.

Although floating with no effort = fun.