Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pinata party and my little rant

My rant. 
The one I mentioned last post is still fresh. It has to do with my Salon art show.  They would hang my art and price cards and would have my info and business cards up front. 
They would benefit with having some pretty art on their walls and I would benefit by having my work displayed in a busy trendy salon. Well they hung the art. That's it. I should have checked in sooner but I guess I just had faith they would do as we agreed to. I thought that it was strange that I had not received any calls from them saying a piece was sold but just shrugged it off as it being the wrong setting and I would just soak up the exposure.
So I decided to throw one of the pieces up in my shop online and see what happened. 
It sold.
So I called the Salon and gave them 4 days notice to pull it and another sold piece down and then I would be coming to pick it up.
It was still hanging.
And then I saw that there was no price cards or anything. It was as if they owned the art.
I was miffed!
I am now pulling it all, nuf said.

That's it. My rant. 
So how about something lighter now. I went shopping. At Wal-Mart. Got a few dresses for $12.95 each.

Gave Dave an excuse to take me out for dinner. I am so sneaky. 

Now what this post is really supposed to be about is Ethan's birthday.
I decided to make a pinata for him since we had cake already on the weekend. He still needed his day celebrated so we got balloons, ripped up a few flyer's and made a paste.
It was sticky and awkward but it came together.
Then we put him out to dry.
And got busy painting him as soon as he was crunchy.
Auntie Em came for the fun, and to ditch out on her math homework.  
Now be warned. The poor thing is hanging in a rather sad way but I couldn't come up with a better plan, he was so lopsidedly heavy.
(In the background below is the painting I picked up and was getting ready to ship it)
I never realized shipping such a huge piece would be so tough, the packaging, the $$$, it is crazy! Thank goodness I have a brother in the shipping business!
Anyway, yes that is our sad little pig.
Once dry we popped the balloon, cut a little flap and filled it with goodies.
Pigs do fly!
The stick was brought out and then party began.

treats for all!
And this I just had to share. Kaitlyn got these new sandals for her birthday.(thank you Grumpy's)  Adorable?!
But sometimes she doesn't get them on quite right. She insists that that is how she wanted them though. Goof! 
That's it.
The pinata party was a success and now I am off to place the dreaded call to pull my art work. I don't know why I am a ball of nerves about this but I think it is just the used feeling or a non respect thing. Come on folks, it was supposed to be a two way street!


mamatucci said...

your totally right about the two way street,good for you. Glad your online shop is doing so well.When I decide on the colors of my livingroom I want a sunset/landscape picture done,maybe you would be willing?

Cute pinata

Kori said...

So proud of you! And bad, bad bad for them, because not only are they questionable human beings, they are also-well. questionable. sorry, used up all my inspiration on my own post this morning. Loved the pig pinata, though-awesome!

bethany actually said...

I love your sassy pose in the first dress-modeling photo!

Also, how strange that they didn't have your price cards up. Did you ask them about it? Have they had them up in the past? That's too bad the relationship isn't working out. I hope talking to them and pulling your art went well.

Hannah said...

That is totally stink about your art show, and them not having the price tags up. Rude!! Go you for deciding to pull them, you're doing the right thing.

The pinata is very, very cute! Love it!

Kami said...

Aw, I always knew pigs would fly one day, leave it to you to make it happen ;-)

And those dresses! LOVE them! You always find cute deals...I have to go shopping with you!

Salon stinks! Get your art girl, if they aren't doing it on a consignment basis, it's out!

Anonymous said...

Cute dresses! That's my kind of shopping: cute and in-expensive.

I'm sorry to hear about the art fiasco. I'm glad they sold online though.

The piggy is adorable! I think he's perfect and you can tell everyone loved it.

LOVE the gold sandals. It makes her tootsies shine.

JeniBeans said...

How RUDE of them to do that to you! I would never put a thing in there again!

Love the dresses! Those were a really good deal! I, on the other hand, have been to numerous (this really means like 6) stores to find ONE DRESS with NO luck. The wedding I'm in is today. Maybe I can hit TJMaxx on the way? Perhaps...

Anyway... about the pig. We made those in our Bible School this year but they were piggy banks. Yours is COOL IDEA! And I think it looks a lot better than ours did. We never even finished them to the painting stage. Course we had too much other stuff to do too.

BTW: Love your header on your blog! SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Well, you didn't say if the dresses worked for Dave to take you out for supper? We just celebrated our 25th on the 6th. Did you get your Anniversary card in your mailbox?
Aunt Deb :)

Stacie said...

ok, love the pinata...
love the dresses...

and you did the right thing with the salon...that is so rude of them.

Kristen said...

I think your kids have the best Mama ever!! All the art you do with them is beyond amazing. And made your own pinata??

Seriously, I LOVE the pig!

Also, I hope you totally told off the salon. JERKS!! They can't treat people that way.