Monday, August 18, 2008


  Another week flew by and I was out of range. Again. I found that when we got back to the city last night I wasn't even motivated to sit at the computer. The massive amounts of photos to sort and post was daunting. 
  However today before I get all absorbed in another week I think I better get the last one out! If that makes any sense.
  I wish I could sit every night and blab out my day. I have stories and thoughts and brainy ideas, internet connection. Sorry Ponty, I will be back regularly soon. The leaves are turning so it will only be a matter of weeks. I miss blogging and feel like I have no idea what anyone is up to anymore, well really I don't know. I am going to get around after this post though and say 'hi' to you all, I will try anyway!

So now for my rather belated news.
 Kaitlyn turned three this past week!
I in my country time mode and not aware of the days nearly forgot to plan a party for her and ended up sending last minute e-mails for a playdate.

Banners were whipped up with the supplies on hand and Kaitlyn helped glue on letters.

Then in the lull of the party planning I decided to tackle the plywood floor in the porch.
Much better now and no slivers!
Then down to the park we hiked for the evening. Putting off baking a cake till the very last moment was not really my plan but the evening was perfect for hanging out.

The next morning was birthday morning. I had stayed up baking and icing and was almost like Christmas, well except I only had one gift to wrap. Never mind that idea.
First thing in the morning, before Dave left for work she listened to her hoops and yoyo card then opened her gift. Then it was time to get cleaned up for the party.
Cobwebs were dusted and breakfast was wolfed down as the kids arrived.
Then we were off to the beach for a little pre lunch splashing.

Happy birthday girl!

The rest of the day was filled with gift playing. She had received a baby in a suitcase from us and that baby has been attached to her hip ever since.
Down the slide, on teeter totters and out for walks.
Even dragged through the mud down at the playground.

Beach days.
Back home in time for bed time snack and a bed time cake. As soon as it was on the table Kaitlyn was waving it away rather frantically. "No, mommy, no, it needs candles!"
The cake after letting the kids eat the pieces of choice.
The following day I I took the kids over to my parents cottage. There are a few  short cuts through a few fields and I like to take advantage of them. With the grasshoppers flying left and right I don't know why I didn't think to close the windows but after one flew in and landed on my chest it was sure on my mind! 
After a lot of flailing and screeching the poor little dude ended up on my bag and then hopped down in between the seats. Haven't seen or smelt him since. Hope I don't. I don't want to think about it.
So anyway we were going to my parents place. Back to that.
They had the boat in the water so I thought we would try once again to get Ethan in for a ride.
He wasn't so sure at first but went along with it anyway.  
Ah, what the heck , throw caution to the wind.
(I am not sure about Kaitlyn's face there in the first photo, I think it might have had to do with her baby or something)
Later in the evening after Dave got home we headed back out for some water skiing. He skied into the sunset.
I took a turn as well. I still hurt and it has been days. Then again it has been four years since my last go at it. Pre kids!
Now I had promised to show you my little owl family. My sewing has not been going well. I don't know if the tension is wrong or what but I have adjusted up and down and cannot make the stitches look normal. They are all loopy and catch and loose and it is just one big mess.
Any help?
The above is what the stitches are looking like.
I ended up doing some by hand but I need to go back with the machine. My hand stitches are worse.
The poor little hooties are all a little lopsided. I had them all planned out so perfectly but somehow they ended up a little wonky. 
They are loved despite my poor sewing skills and that is what matters.
Their back sides.
Back in the city and now working on all the boring stuff. Trying to get organized and keep up with the two places, two sets of lists and all the laundry. I realized last night that I didn't have my phone so out we went again today in search.
It was in the bathroom. Weird place but I was glad to have it back. That is one gadget I really can barely survive a day without! 

And to wrap up here are a few photos from last night. Kaitlyn was posing and said, "Take a pitch mom!''
I cracked out my arm extension (aka, my camera) and snapped away as she frog hopped and told me about what she planned to do in her gymnastics class this year.
Then she did this massive hop. And she landed a little off.

She swore it didn't hurt and said she must do more hopping.
I guess Three also makes for a brave little who also now asks, "Why?" after nearly every word I say. 
The directions our conversation heads now is sometimes mind boggling. 
It might start something like this;
Mom. "No Kaitlyn you cannot have candy on the way home."
K. "Why?''
Me. "Well, because you will get to hyper and not sleep tonight."
K. "Why?"
Me. "Well, the sugar will give you too much energy."
K. "Why?" 
Me. "Ummmmm, I don't know, maybe we should just find something else to eat for a snack."
K. "Why?"
You get the idea. At this point I still find it fun. It is like a mind exercise and sometimes it makes me really think. 
In other news. Ethan peed in the potty today. Totally nonchalant as if he has always done it.
Only once though. 
Interesting one he is.


bethany actually said...

1. I love those banners! Your "whipped-up-at-the-last-minute" is better than the average person's "planned-ahead-of-time!"

2. Ethan's suddenly got so much hair!

3. Happy birthday, Kaitlyn!

4. The owls are very cute, wonky or no.

5. I'm glad Kaitlyn's owie wasn't serious. :-)

(What date is her bday? My brother's is the 16th.)

mamatucci said...

Sounds like you guys are enjoying every last second of summer, good for you! Have fun

Elaine A. said...

There's so much to say that I don't even know where to start.

let's see...wish I could be that good at a party last minute! Love the banner!

The mommy & daddy owl can carry their young?? Seriously, wonky or not they are SO cute!

Those pics of the kids in their lifejackets are precious and I love the sunset-ski pic too!

Enjoy the rest of summer ANNA! I know you will. ; )

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!! You sure are big girl now. Miss you and your brother lots.!

Hey Anna, sounds like your timing is off on the sewing machine. You might have to take it in to be serviced. Mine does that alot.

I love the pictures of the kids. They are growing so fast. Seems like yesterday that I got the call from Mare that Kaitlyn was born. There I was sitting at a business dinner at the CN Tower in Toronto and my phone rings. I was so excited that when I got home to Edmonton, that I went shopping and then went to visit you at home. She is so precious.

Her brother is no slouch either.

Got to go and get back to work.

Miss and love you lots!
Aunty Kathy

Kori said...

It is extremely intimidating to me that you can whip up birthday manners with stuff you have on hand. At my house that would be lined notebook paper, duct tape, and black pen. It's a good think I like you so much or I would have to hate you.

SAJ said...

That was one interesting post! From top to bottom!

Anonymous said...


I talked with Chris in our Regina branch and with the guys who fix my machine.

They both stated that you should try Northgate Sewing on Albert St.
phone # is 569-1552. Howard is the name I was given by my sewing repair guys.

Chris said that she has a friend who has just purchased a new fancy machine from them and really likes them.

Love ya
Aunty Kathy

herM said...

happy birthday kaitlyn! and good for you on still enjoying the why's ... I'm still not good with them! glad you're enjoying the summer, despite the back/forth. and ditto the "whipped up" comment above, nice work girl! i'll file that idea away :). happy end of summer and glad you found the time to update us :).

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn! I am beyond impressed with your "last minute" party preparation ... that banner looks SO COOL and I am totally going to steal that idea for a future party!

I get exhausted reading your posts about how much stuff you have going on - I don't know how you keep up with having 2 houses and going back & forth. But you always seem to have plenty of time for fun stuff as well, I wish I could do that!

Stacie said...



WOOHOO ETHAN, *chants* pee pee on the potty pee pee on the potty *dances*

ispeakbeanish said...

I love your header! It's perfect. It looks like y'all had a fabulous birthday day. Kaitlyn is adorable! Love all the pictures to remember the day!

Shelley said...

I love the muddy feet....

Shelley said...

I love the muddy feet....

Kami said...

Happy birthday to Kaitlyn! And her party looked fantastic, much better than my boring plan aheads :-)

And Ethan, what a star!