Monday, June 30, 2008

Taking possession on Canada Day!

We will be flying flags, chomping on watermelon and watching fireworks from our OWN yard. Yes it will be possession day of our cottage.
I am both nervous and excited about the venture and really hope it is what we have dreamt up in our heads.
What if there is a huge mess of stuff for us to deal with?
What if we hate it out there?
What if our dream is too big and we are overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done?
What if we love it?
The fresh air and breeze off the lake. I can hardly wait to get out there already and find out!
TT will be stuck here at home...maybe washing my floors (wink, wink) I am just kidding sister, you should just kick back and relax and enjoy us being out of your hair for a few hours!

On Friday Kaitlyn got a hair cut.
While in the bath I couldn't believe how long it was and decided it was time for fresh do.
We cut the long wispy baby hairs. That first growth is now going into a keepsake envelope and into her baby book.
It is so springy now and although I only cut about two inches off it has a whole new life.

We waited for three days before embarking on another bike ride. I thought my butt felt better. I was wrong.
It was so painful! Though I have to admit the recovery has been better this time.
We took a break to let the kids play and give our butts a time out at a play park.

My whole life I thought this was the elephant (ephalent according to Kaitlyn) slide and had told Dave we should take the kids to this park one day.
Turns out it is a goose slide and always has been. I swear I was one dense kid or I had no idea what an elephant looked like!

Ethan's summer treat. I had wanted to wait till his birthday to get this but we were all sick of him stealing Kaitlyn's baby strollers to walk his toy trucks.
He is so proud it makes me laugh. It is like it was what he was waiting his whole life for and I am guessing that if we let him he would take it to bed with him.
Yesterday was hot. I don't know to what degree but the shade and the sprinkler sure felt good.

Ethan playing the water harp.
Now I am off to pack up some cleaning supplies, art supplies and a picnic to get ready for tomorrow.

I hope all have a great Canada day and eat lots of watermelon, get a great tan and watch awesome fireworks!!


Madame Bluestocking said...

I totally remembered that thing as the elephant slide, too. I guess we were both dense!

Hannah said...

Great pics! I hope you have a great Canada Day!

Love your new banner, BTW :-)

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I didn't think the candy canes or the elephant slide would even be there anymore! I think you used to be able to climb onto the top of the elephant though, and they changed that.

Yes, I know now it is a goose, but it will forever be an elephant in my mind. Maybe in the good ol' days it actually was an elephant and they renovated it? I know it has been renovated at one point, and a goose fits the theme of wascana park way more than an elephant. :)

BeachMama said...

Have a fabulous Canada Day, and how exciting to be in your new place. I hope it all works out the way you want it to.

mamatucci said...

Congrats on the possesion of the new place,what an adventure.
One of my best investments was a huge gel filled $30 dollar seat for my bike. I would never have been able to fit my big butt on one of those little seats and lived to tell about it. ha
Enjoy Canada Day!

Elaine A. said...

Your new header is so cute!! You know, our independence day in the US is Friday and we have pretty much the same plans. Have a great Canada day. Love Kaitlyn's new "do!"

Angella said...

Happy Canada Day!! Have a blast at your new place!

Kori said...

Love the haircut! And I gotta say, the slide looks neither like an elephant NOR a goose to me. :)

Stacie said...

YAY, I hope you LOVE your new digs. :D

Love the pictures...and Happy Canada Day!!!

Kami said...

Kaitlyn's hair! It's adorable! It's so curly :-)

Happy belated Canada day. We hit the beach twice this weekend and had a family BBQ. I thought of you as we drove past your new beach.

How is it? I am dying to know!

cc said...

can't wait to hear the behind the scenes scoop. your flickr photos say a lot though.