Friday, June 27, 2008

Artsy fartsing and kicking it

The urge came back. Not an urge to tackle another 20 hour project but a 30 minute 6x6 mini painting. Kaitlyn claimed it immediately and rushed off to her room with it. 
Maybe the next one will make it into my shop. 
Not much else to report around here.
The last few days have been lazy and for the most part spent hanging out around here.
Playing in the yard and collecting caterpillars like they are going out of style.
We did make it out for one play date to the splash park with Kami and Little mommy.
A refreshing break to a hot day.
The evenings have been filled with family time.  Getting out for walks and bike rides has been providing great casual conversation times for Dave and I. Usually I am trying to kick him and the kids out so I can clean. I now realize that we need to nurture us over the house.
I am learning! 
Anyway my butt still hurts and it has been two nights since this ride.
I need a nice big fat cruising seat for sure!
Breaking for a cone in the sunset.
Mmmm, cotton candy.
Now this was my old certification card. It has now been three years since I practiced and I got a call a few weeks ago informing me that if I did not pay an annual fee of $100.00 to keep my certification inactive it would become void. To keep an active account it is $900.00 a year plus continuous upgrading courses.
I was sad that day. I did not renew and now no longer have credits to my name. I had no idea that I could lose my certification. Now I am a nobody to the working world.
I thought I would maybe go back to work when the kids were in school but truth is that my heart is with my art and would rather put the effort into that.

Anyway we are off for our evening walk, have a good night all!


Kori said...

AS good as you are, I would think that your art would be lucrative enough that you can do BOTH-art AND make money. And hey, you might be a nobody to "the working world," but then so are most of us who DO work, so it is all a matter of perspective. :)

mamatucci said...

I wonder why, for alittle more than a hour away,your weather looks so much better.

Have a wonderful family filled weekend.

Kristen said...

I love love love the painting!!

Such great pics too!!

Keep up the good work and forget the certification! Looks like you have found your new calling!

Hannah said...

I agree with the others, don't worry about your certification expiring, you could easily live off selling your art! It's gorgeous!!!! Keep the dream alive and you will make it, I know.

Glenda - Minnesota said...

Ahhh thats exactly what I did Anna! I was a "certified" Paramedic for 15yrs and trying to raise kids and keep up with my ACLS and CE's - I was ready to scream! And in the end my true passion is photography anyway Ü Owell, live and learn - it was fun while it lasted (when I was young Ü)
I can see why Kaitlyn would claim that painting - very girly Ü

Kathryn said...

What a fabulous painting! So cute! I love it!
And I love your blog! Thank you so much for visiting my blog so that I could in turn visit you. Loving it here. Your photos are fab!

ps- Is that your tiny butt in that photo? I'm so jealous! Can we swap?

Elaine A. said...

That Kaitlyn gets all the good stuff. So NOT fair! ; )

I definitely think you should keep your focus on your awesome talent rather than someone else's teeth. Hope you don't mind me giving my 2 cents...

BeachMama said...

I love the painting! Very cute. And I am jealous of your bike rides, we don't have a trailer and both Hubby and I miss actually getting out with our bikes. We have been out running together though, so that is a good thing.