Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lazy lake days

Truth is we were kicked out of the house for the day. Dave had enough of our shenanigans and kicked us to the curb.
Just kidding.
He actually decided it was time to work on our closet reno and needed space so we split for the day.
Now I also want to thank those of you who commented on the last post. Thanks for being real back. I sometimes feel alone but knowing that everyone has their own struggles is comforting.

So, funny thing.
 Before I published that last post I had Dave proof read it for me. That way we were both on the same page and he wouldn't feel hurt or anything.
It helped us both to get it out.
I don't know why but admitting that things aren't always rosy was liberating and we are both going the extra mile for each other now. I just wish the floors would reciprocate the same way and clean themselves, no luck there though.
Still haven't washed them but I am working on the laundry and did Dave's fist....bonus gold star for me!
So back to our day on the curb. Mom and dads cottage curb that is.
Ever wonder where I get my kissy faces from?
Back at cha' dad.
Emily. So serious about being a biker chic. She spent the whole day motoring around the park.
 Fighting. Yes this is something we see at least once a day. If only there were two of everything everywhere we went. 
Chilling down at the lake. 
It was a relaxing day for us and a productive one for Dave. When we got home he had reconstructed the whole closet and it is now ready for new flooring, trim and an organizer.
Monday was back to the grind and off we trooped to return out 18 over due library books. 
We also made a pit stop for lunch with Chatty who was in town to hand deliver the gift I won from her blog. Actually she was really here for her brothers wedding and managed to squeak us into her tight schedule.

Thanks Chatty, we love our loot! It has now kept us busy for a few days and we are hardly through half of it, fun, fun!

So now I must get back to my house. We have been having fun all morning collecting caterpillars and playing Mario. Now the puzzles have been brought out so I have gotta keep on top of the clean up here and keep the peace.
Have a great weekend all!


Erlandson Family said...

great to read your posts anna-- keep it up..

Kori said...

Am so glad you had a day to chill, and also had Dave read the post from yesterday; I think it is totally okay and even normal and healthy to have those off times, and the only way to get throught them is to be honest and open and, well, to just get through them. I admire so much about you, and knowing that you, too, are "vulnerable" just increases the admiration.

Family Adventure said...

Haha, I love that picture of the kids fighting. It's a classic!


Kiki said...

What is balance?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna and David,
So much of what everyone has said is so true. Life is not about being perfect - it is about doing the best you can and enjoying the moment. As you get older, what you will enjoy remembering are the great times you, David and the kids had. The fights fade and almost disappear with time. Time passes so quickly that you need to savour every moment - yes even the fights - if you didn't care, there would not be any! I have mentioned often how proud I am of David, you and your kids. Enjoy every moment, even if it means the floor does not get washed! (not everyone has to be as obsessive as me!)
Thank you both so much for the joy you bring to our lives every day.
Lots of Love
MA (aka Grandma)

Kami said...

I can't get over the cuteness of Kaitlyn's bathing suit....


BeachMama said...

Nothing like being forced to leave your house as an excuse not to clean it ;). Glad to hear that you two got a chance to chat about stuff. Sometimes it just takes a little note to clear the air.

Love the pics, all so cute

mamatucci said...

I love mini reno days when u get kicked out. You do not need an excuse for fun. Cute pictures at the lake

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