Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trip to the dentist and a kite night

After snow on the weekend the bright warm sun was sure a welcome sight. We couldn't get enough of it and spent the day out soaking up the rays.
However before all the fun could get started we had to make an outing.

For Kaitlyn's first dentist appointment. We played dentist at home for days in preparation of this. She surprised me by being so brave. With her little hand clenched in mine she opened wide and endured the examination. Turns out that she does have a cavity as I had suspected. We will keep the space clean and hopefully prevent further decay till it can be treated when she is 4. Darn crowding!
By the time we got home Dave was waiting. Off early and ready to hang outdoors in the sun.
They splashed with water balloons.
Rode bikes and scooters.
And ran through bubbles.
Between shots I ran in and cleaned. I didn't want to miss out on the fun with daddy but the opportunity to catch a few minutes sans kids to get the dishwasher loaded was pretty tempting too. I ran back and forth and back and forth and I am sure burned a zillion calories.
After getting the dishes loaded and burgers prepped for the BBQ I took a small break and sat. And discovered my knitting. Tampered with! This is the third time. The other time they unraveled about 12 rows of striped something. I hadn't decided yet if it was to be a scarf or hat. Doesn't matter now. Guess I should learn to put it up out of reach of little helpers!
Back outside in the evening light. It was still warm but the wind had picked up. Perfect for kite flying. Kaitlyn's potty treat of the day...a pooh bear kite.

Daddy got her started.
She took it from there and didn't look back.
A pro.
Ethan and I watched. 

He tried holding the string for a few minutes and then let go. Next year.
So much fun!
After watching Dave and Kaitlyn run around till they were out of breath we headed home via 7 11.
This was when I realized Kaitlyn had been wearing two different shoes the whole time. Oops!
Back home and with the kids in bed I was inspired to create. Seems after a good dose of fresh air the way to end the night was with a brush in hand.
Today isn't quite as nice out and apparently there is snow in the forcast again. Hard to believe after a day like yesterday but this is the prairies!
Laundry day now...and I only have one load left! Kami would be proud....well till she realizes there are 12 loads to be put away still. 
Gotta get at er. 
Have a great day!


Glenda - Minnesota said...

WOW... what a perfect day Anna! The sun just brings out a whole new us! Ü

Glenda - Minnesota said...

I LOVE you new painting by the way, it's awesome!

mamatucci said...

It was such a nice day out wasnt it. We played outside too. Not today though too much wind even for a walk. Spring is in the air though.

Love your painting!

Catharine said...

I love that latest painting...very pretty and imaginative. I also love the picture of Kaitlynn holding the kite with nothing but sky in the background - very nice shot! Our weather has been crazy too. We had gorgeous bathing suit weather days yesterday and the day before and today is rain/sleet and about 2 degrees. It looks hopeful, though, and all the buds on the trees look ready to burst - I can't wait (especially for my lilacs!)

Hannah said...

Lovely photos - and you are obviously having some really nice Spring weather now!
The painting is absolutely gorgeous!

Misty said...

ALL beautiful photographs... and BEAUTIFUL ART as well.

Kimberley said...

ANNA!! I LOVE THAT PAINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D

Kami said...

That first picture?

AWESOME! I love that they both have their hands in their pockets. And the one of you and Dave - too cute.

Remember, the laundry is not done until it's put away!

hee hee... I always used to say that to Jay. He used to leave it all hanging the laundry room! He doesn't anymore.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the painting!

Can't wait to see what that beautiful mind will do for the ones you will do for our room ;-)

Anonymous said...

Exciting things to think about in your future. Talk to Mom & Dad about acreage living (pros and cons).
Renata loved the purple painting of the bird. Is it for sale or did you do it for a friend.
Love, Maureen

Angella said...

Sweet painting!

I also *love* that first photo with their hands in their pockets.


Family Adventure said...

Half the pix didn't work for me WAAAAAA! But I got the impression that it was a great day, and the first shot of the two kids is just precious!

How's your exciting purchase going??


JeniBeans said...

Anna, that painting is AWESOME!

Elaine A. said...

I am completely taken by that picture of Kaitlyn with the kite and the huge sky behind here. So wonderful. And then, there is that lovely piece of art you created. Do your talents even end? And when will that be in your Etsy store? I gotta know!!

BeachMama said...

Fabulous painting, just gorgeous.

And that was such a full day no wonder you are so slim and trim!! And I love both yours and Dave's glasses, tres chic.

And the shoes, they match, just different colours of the same style :).

Sounds like the perfect day.

Christine said...

You look like a fun family. I'm sorry about your daughter's cavity. Ouch.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Beautiful photos! How cool that you could have family play time and do so many activities during the nice weather. I love K's outfits. :) I think the purple painting is one of your best yet. Definitely top three in my favorites.

Karen MEG said...

Good for Kaitlyn, she looked so brave and little sitting in the dentist chair!

Great shots of the kite flying too; she's pretty coordinated for her age, that's for sure. And so like a little brother to let the string go LOL!

That painting is so pretty!