Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rambling on

Where to start?
I had a few moments to myself tonight. It felt odd.
I headed to the craft store while Dave took the kids for a walk. It has been a while since I had that kind of quiet to think. It was almost lonely. I didn't know where to start my thoughts or how to organize them. I felt lost.
Driving through the city I felt disconnected...I really do live in a bubble. The world whirls on around my little life...I felt as though I had just come back from a long I had been left in the dust of the hustle and bustle.

It was really strange. Maybe this is why when I get my hair done lately it is almost an emotional experience. The contact with other adults sans kids..the time to piddle in my head. However it is also almost stressful because all the time I spend in my head only creates more ideas and then those inspirations need to escape and there is just no time for that. Ack.

I have a hair apt tomorrow by the way....should be interesting.
The last two days have been busy, not crazy running around busy but enjoying life busy.
It has also been a little while since I did a mega photo post and with two days and nearly 400 photo's to choose from I was having a tough time choosing photos to write a post around. 
There are so many that deserve a post on their own but it is now after midnight and I don't have an hour to dedicate to that.

Here is the low down. 
This was actually a really messy and sticky with handfuls of rice crispies distributed all over the floor. Sometimes I wonder why I let them help. But then again it is either that or drag them around by my ancle's.

Outdoor play = sanity.
Kaitlyn was so excited to see her little pool and started striping down right away begging for water. Crazy girl, notice the snow behind her.
Puddles, we explore them daily. Along with a few changes of clothing.

Finally going back home. Ethan is actually soaked from the waist down and put up a huge fight against going in. It was freezing.....he's crazy too.
Ethan taking his first nap in his new big boy bed.
Hot 'chokit' party with little mommy and her babes.
We crafted and played.
And giggled till our sides hurt.
The sound of little girl giggles, priceless.
Daddy time.

I love them!
With that I am off, I hear Ethan stirring from his sleep. Nighty-o!
I should have hair pic's for you tomorrow, whaaa-hoo!


herM said...

great pics! my fav is the behind-the-curtain one. lovely. and i DO know what you mean about your brain spinning when you're alone, and it gets frustrating sometimes. i get all hyped up with ideas and the come to a screeching halt the next morning. but it's still good :)

Anonymous said...

We love the pictures as always.
They are growing so fast.
Miss you all so much
Dad and Mare

Kami said...

Great fantastic pictures! LOVE the ones where you added some colour back, so neat!

Good luck with the hair appt! I can't wait to see.

Elaine A. said...

I love the one of Ethan and his Daddy walking together - so sweet.

Come visit me when you get a sec, I "gave" you a little something...

mamatucci said...

oh. I love haircut time alone. But last time I totally got what I didnt ask for. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

good morning! Well it is 6:00a.m. in Alberta and Grandma is up making cookies! I don't know what I would do without your blog! It makes the distance between us so much closer. As always, the pictures have touched my heart - I feel so blessed that I have you, David, Kaitlyn and Ethan in my life. Hope to see you soon, remind the kids that Grandma and Poppa love them!

R Family of 4 said...

Hey Anna, I am back! It was great to see you the other day. Did Kami tell you the news? A boy and a girl! Those are great pictures of your ultra adorable kids. Have a good weekend!