Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lollipop cupcakes and pig tails

First I want to say thank you to everyone who left comments on the last post. I don't feel alone and this helps me greatly. You gals rock! Also what Catherine said really set my mind at ease. She left a quote that said "If you want to make God laugh tell Him your plans."

I like that, though I still really struggle with it at the same time. I always have such issues with choosing what to do and when. I never feel truly led until I look back and see how God has worked things out. The process to get there, well, I don't even want to get into it. I am terrible with decisions
I am totally a fly by my seat kinda girl.
Today was a home day. We decided to give the little lollipop cup cakes a shot that Beachmama mentioned in this post. I went online and watched the video of them being made and then did my own version with cake mix and the only icing on hand...a sweet confetti icing. They are yummy and moist but sweet....good with an unsweetened coffee.
Click here and here for pic's of the whole process. This took most of the day and a whole lot of mess but the kids love them.
After dinner we headed out for a walk around our neighborhood and spent the majority of our time at one house. Walking the "balance beam" and playing throw the pine cone...for those pics click here...again. I screwed up my upload somehow so everything is just in the photostream and not in the proper sets, oops.

Monday we had the longest play date ever. It was fun and full, and let me tell you Little Mommy's babe....he is sooooo cute, check out the pics of the playdate here and for the really cute ones here.

And that rounds out the last few days.....oh, and here are Kaitlyn's "Mity(Mickey) Mouse pig tails."

Anyway...I am feeling better now. I am not fully grounded but I am sure over time I will find my niche. The comments really helped me. Just knowing how others feel is comforting. I think I am not really a list person, and now I am not worried about it. I am a dreamer, big time and maybe this isn't great but I don't get depressed about it....dreams are just that, dreams.  
I still wish I could see all our family all the time and this is the one thing that keeps me from truly wanting to split to someplace warm. I love family....and lollipop cup cakes:) 


Family Adventure said...

I'm glad you are feeling better Anna. I'm a little down at the moment, too. The family thing is wearing on me. That is, I also want to be close to my family all the time, and here I am on the verge of leaving them again. It sucks.

But in the great scheme of things, I have the same feeling you do - things work out somehow. We don't need to plan and organize and know all the time. Sometimes it is OK to just go with the flow...

Lovely pictures. Those lollies look fabulous.


Hannah said...

I'm happy that you are feeling happier!

Oh man, those cupcake lollipops are adorable!! :-)

mamatucci said...

yummy those cupcakes look so good, but I am adventure driven!

Kami said...

Mmm, I can vouch that the lollipop cupcakes are UNBELIEVABLE!

Thanks for sharing:-)

Glad you are feeling better Anna, we all go through those kind of ups and downs. I have trouble trusting in God too, I tend to think that my decisions are mine and that He leads me but ultimately I have the final say... well most of the time anyway. sometimes I am backwards that way. And a little bit of a control freak.

Yeah a little bit!


Angella said...

I am glad you are feeling better too! I have not had much surfing time lately (ala many projects as well), so I went back and got caught up.

That quote about God laughing is awesome.

Love the lollipop cupcakes too :)

BeachMama said...

YAY for Lollipop cakes!! Yours turned out fantastic. Just looking at your photos, I know for sure I had too much icing. And I know that they will be done again very soon, considering how fast the first batch went.

Glad you feel a bit better :)

Anna said...

Yummy! Those look like so much fun!

Shalet said...

Love those cupcakes!