Thursday, April 10, 2008

geese a diner and tea

Top of the morning to ya!
Kaitlyn and Ethan  sure love Daddy time!  When he walks through the door it is like a party...screeching with glee they run to his arms....I love this stage!
After a lazy pancake breakfast with daddy we pulled out the jogger and headed to the park with Kami and Kamden. We ended up finding a grassy space shared by geese and ran around and raced and flew like birds...the rest of the photos are here.

Eventually we had to head home. We hadn't gotten far into the park but just enjoyed hanging out and watching the kids go at their own pace. 
Auntie TT called when we got home so we headed out to lunch with her. We ended up at this little truck stop diner on the edge of the industrial and inner city residential area.

This was not a place I would normally go, I probably wouldn't even think it was open. One of those places I would just drive by and not even notice. However when we walked in it had a certain welcoming feel. The waitress had been there for 33 years and she hung around the table telling us life stories. The service was real and not rushed...a different pace of life was evident.

They had no booster seats for the kids so she brought out big roasting pots and turned them upside down on the chairs. You have got to see this(click)! The food was good, fries crispy and coffee fresh. 
Thank you TT for taking us out of our comfort was actually more comfortable and relaxed and with the kids, it was perfect!

When we got home we put the kettle on the brew and got in tea mode. Kaitlyn insisted that we would have a hat party and when my mom, Phuf and Em arrived we cracked out the collection...check out the hat party here.
Today we are chilling.  After a busy day it is nice to just take a day and relax. Go with the flow and do home things.
It is fun to get out and have adventures, get out of comfort zones, meet really neat people and have fun family times but sometimes a day at home is just as fulfilling. 

Off to play cars and eat left over fries, tootles!


Family Adventure said...

The pictures are gorgeous. I love how you play with colour. How DO you do that, btw? Is it photoshop or something else? Do share.

And those lollies still look delish!

Happy day, Anna!


Hannah said...

That looks like such a lovely day! All the photos are amazing, and I love the editing you've done on them.

The tea party looks like so much fun!

Kami said...

What fun lunch! Was the burger all you hoped?

Stacie said...

um, I love ...LOVE your layout.

I would like one lollipop please.

very cute!

BeachMama said...

What a great day! We had a similar day here, although I only posted about the park.

And your tea party looks delicious. Hope it was great.

mamatucci said...

aww the diner looked cute and yummy. As long as it is tidy sometimes those little"hole in the wall" places are so good. And laidback.

Loads of great pictures again

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna!

Just a quick note to say hello!
I have been back at work for two weeks now and wish I was back home!
Now that I feel better (not a hundred percent, but better), I can think of a million things I can do. Sooner or later, they will get done. I have cross stitch patterns that are crying out my name! I Love Kaitlyn in Pigtails! She is just adorable! Ethan is simply the most handsome young man in the world! They are growing so fast that I seem to blink and miss so much of it. I am glad you put so many pictures on the blog. I was looking at the posts from earlier this week. I love the teapot charms you made! They are adorable. You must make me one. I can add to my teapot collection.

Have you heard the news? Sara is pregnant! Great huh? She is due in November. We are so excited! She has been a little sick, ok more than a little sick, but she has found that it was her prenatal vitamins. She is now on the herbal ones and doing much better. So in about 3 weeks or so, we can start buying things for the baby. I can't wait!

I had better get back to work since I really just got here.

Miss and love you lots!
Aunty Kathy

R Family of 4 said...

What a great day. Places like that are like gems in the rough. Have a great weekend!