Friday, April 25, 2008

Googly eyes, lady bugs and blooms

OK, so here is a not so quick update on the last few days. I still don't mean to be all quiet and boring but we have so much going on, I should be able to fill you in on it in the next post. Life decisions are being discussed, we may have a big change ahead of us. Saturday should be decision day then I can blab, blab, blab, whew!
Googly eyes,
and paint and brushes plus two little crafters equals...
little green monsters and purple polka dot bugs with great big eyes.
This was a fun day, well for me anyway. It turned out to include work as well and I am so grateful!

Kami came over for a playdate with her new fancy shmancy absolutely gorgeous new camera. She clickety clicked away as the kids twirled and crafted. If I had one I would be addicted too, it is worse than coffee! I think it is also a great workout, and looks pretty good on her too, don't ya think?!
Anyway, we played upstairs for a bit and then the kids wanted to go downstairs. I was hesitant. It was a huge mess down there. Laundry piled high and toys everywhere.
And you know what Kami did. She helped me. She sorted, folded and then helped me carry up and put away laundry. She helped me with advice on a system to keep it under control....she is so smart!
Not only was I thrilled with the help Dave was pleasantly surprised to come home to a freshly stocked closet and wondered when she'd be back to help again. Thank you Kami you made my day!
As a small thank you I sent her home with a new tote. Now of course I was going to give it to her anyway just for being her but I felt a little less guilty being able to give back a little for all she did.
The tote is just like the one that we use for our library books. It is made of re purposed upholstery fabric, is super strong, huge and great for shopping. Not only that is is earth friendly since you can eliminate plastic bags. Something I am working on but often need a swift kick in the butt to remember to put the bags in the truck before I leave.
So aren't you digging it?
I love em. Simple yet so great for hauling stuff stylishly, want one?
Well....I have a few in my shop so far with lots more to come when I have more time to sew.
Oh, don't feel pressured, I am just so in love with them! (Toot-tooting my own horn, tsk)
To check out the other ones I made go to my shop here.

Ok, so that sums up a little of our business. I have also been painting some more but am not finished anything. Time is sure an issue! Eventually they will get done just not within my timeline. 

On to today. We painted birdhouses this morning and hands and faces. So messy yet so fun!
After naps we headed outdoors to play and take a break.  I love hanging out in the yard. Sometimes I just sit back and watch the kids explore and it amazes me how they communicate and are growing. Above they seemed to be discussing daddy s lawn mower. Even though Ethan barely makes a squeak they gibber gabber anyway.
It turned out that we spent the whole afternoon out there just pittering around at kid speed. 
No supper got made, no cleaning house done, but a whole lot of great outdoor fun was expelled.
A little lady bug checked out Kaitlyn's boot. 
Ethan then swooped in to check it out more closely. He loves to hold bugs, yeck, boys!
After a while the kids headed out to the street to play the pine cone game and then came across the storm drain. We sat and plopped little pebbles down the cracks one after another for a good half and hour. I wish these moments would last forever. Giggles and squeals with every splash, they make my heart sing.
Kaitlyn had picked flowers at the grocery store the other day and we brought them out for fresh air as well.
They were so pretty in the natural light I couldn't help but snap a few shots.

I love me some fresh flowers!
Especially when they are on sale for $2.50 a bunch!

So now to get on with the weekend. We have so much to do and now it is snowing out like it is the middle of January, not exactly the beach weather I was hoping for. Blegh!

Oh ya there was one other thing we did today. We watched this commercial singing along, over and over and over and over. Ethan sat riveted and Kaitlyn would squeal, again, again!
I have been singing it all day. Don't watch it more than once or you will too!

Have a great weekend all!


Family Adventure said...

Anna, these pictures are gorgous. Tell me again the camera you use?? Please??

I will definitely be picking up a tote for myself, but it has to wait until I'm back in Canada. Honestly, my poor, groaning suitcases couldn't handle another thing. But count me in in about 1 month!

Have a good weekend - Heidi

PS: Can't wait to hear about your life changing decision!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Sounds like Kami is a woman after my own heart, I love organizing, especially other people's messes. I am so glad that she was a help to you, what a great friend! I love the tote, very cute!

Kami said...

You are so welcome for the laundry and I love me new tote! I owe you more laundry and organizing for that one:-)

Your flower pictures turned out way better than mine, natural light is best...and maybe camera operator helped too ;-)

What's with my highlights? Holy dinah and that's before my appt that night! Wild.

Good luck with your decision!

JeniBeans said...

Love the tote and all the pictures. LOVE the top Kami is wearing BTW> lol

Anna, I sent you an email about something in your shop.


Whats with "the decision"?

David said...

I love the pictures. The tote is amazing. Can you send me some laundry to do in exchange? :)

Karen MEG said...

Your pictures are gorgeous as usual, and that tote, wow!!! I'm checking out your shop.

And yes, you are good with your suspense girlie... looking forward to hearing about the decisions!

BeachMama said...

I am sitting on pins and needles!! I hate waiting for good news and life changing too!!

Looks like you had lots of fun. I can't believe you are getting snow. I am sitting outside basking in the warm sunny temperatures because it is really supposed to cool off this week. And, YIKES, we are forecasted for snow on Wednesday too!

Oh April in Canada...

Hannah said...

Oooh, I am very excited about your news!!

Love all the photos, especially the one of Kami taking pics! She is so sweet to stay and help you out, what a good friend.

I am hanging out for your next post!

Elaine A. said...

Well golly, you have a lot goin' on! That Kami is awesome. I'll shower her with gifts too if she's willin' to help with the laundry! ; ) Seriously, the totes are pretty and eco-friendly. What more could you ask for?

Beautiful kiddos and flowers and even googly eyes!