Sunday, April 20, 2008

Potty talk

I don't really know where to start this post. I have no big stories no ramblings from my brain. If you are not a mom or family you might find this post to be extremely boring.

However this has been our little life the last few days.
We have been busy with the potty thing. The self potty training-if it should be called that I don't even know-is going really well. She had one accident on Thursday night because she got so excited over me coming home from shopping with goodies that she couldn't make it to the potty in time. So far this was the only time she didn't make it, I don't think she liked the wet feeling.
However....Ethan has been another story. You may have gathered this by now from my twitter updates, he has developed a temper!
We had to leave the house on a few occasions in search of my sanity, it had flown the coupe!
Every time Kaitlyn goes to the potty Ethan undresses. He then piddles wherever whenever and will not have anything to do with clothes. 
The other day he needed a change so I changed him and threw out the old diaper. He flipped and wanted it back on. I took the garbage out thinking it would be out of sight out of mind.
Not so.
He sat at the open screen door screaming his lungs out for all the neighbors to hear. I am sure they think I am running a circus!
I finally got him into a fresh diaper and he did not like that either. He ended up sitting there screaming mad at me for a good 15 minutes. He was so mad I couldn't get near him, his face was purple and his nose was running. 
I had enough and ripped off the diaper, nursed him and put him down for a nap. 
He was sooooooo happy!
He loves to be naked.
What is with this? A guy thing?
We had to roll up the area carpet to avoid him peeing on it and he then had a huge fit over that, silly little man!
Anyway, he has had these tantrums over anything that seems out of place or out of routine. I think a lot of it has to do with Kaitlyn's potty time and he is wanting attention. I hope he is over them soon. He sure doesn't like change.
Once we get out of the house he forgets about being naked and has a blast. We take the potty with us and go. Being happy is good so we go out a lot and stay out for a while.
I love it when they are happy and distracted.
Kaitlyn finally pooped out after a long day outside put on a pull-up and settled down for a nap in the rocker.
She seems to have grown up over the last week, she is a "bid dirl now mom."
Her independence seems to have grown with the potty training. It is amazing.
Despite Ethan's outbursts he has been changing too. He seems to be making more of an effort to talk. Not just a word here or there, he is actually putting a few together and they make sense.

I am glad, I was a little worried there.
For potty treats the first few days we gave Kaitlyn craft supplies and toy stuff. Here she is making window stickers. The paint dries somewhat transparent and then you peel it off the plastic sheet and put it on the window.

This craft inspired me to break out my paints and get back to work....they are all in the progress stages but I should have 3 to share shortly.
I am now off to put down a sleeping Kaitlyn who is curled up in my arms at the moment and try to make a little more progress painting.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


Hannah said...

Sounds like Kaitlyn is doing brilliantly! Both my boys became such different little people and way more confident once they were toilet trained - a great bonus!!

I soooo hear you on the temper tantrums. Tyler was just the same. He started the terrible 2's early (Ethan never had them at all!) but the good thing is he was pretty much over it early as well. Hang in there, it does get easier as they learn how to talk and communicate better.

mamatucci said...

Glad your potty training is going so well,ours not so good. For me I am finding boys to be so much harder with the potty thing.
And matteo is doing the tantrum thing witch includes throwing. And totally not listening.
Fun stuff!

mamatucci said...

which not witch ha

Kami said...

Yay for potty training and boo on the temper tantrums! We have had our share of them over here and I can't say I enjoyed any one of them. Thankfully they grow out of them.

Love the photo and can't wait to see all the others you have been busy working on!


beck said...

My hands are itching to reach through the screen and pick up that photo painting to admire it more closely!!! Looks great!

cc said...

If that painting is still "in progress" I can't wait to see what it will look like when it is complete.

There was a point that Rapunzel drove me crazy with the potty training. SuperChic did too, and she had a temper on top of that so it was a LOT of fun. Hopefully he'll get over it soon, your sanity can only take so much.

Family Adventure said...

Kaitlyn is doing awesome! She really is a 'bid dirl' now!

I find it hard to believe that that gorgeous little boy can possibly have a temper, but I'll take your word for it. He's STILL adorable, though!! :)



You learn so much about yourself when your kids have temper tantrums. I guess we all have our days.

BeachMama said...

Yay for Kaitlyn!!! She is doing so well. And just a thought... maybe, just maybe Ethan is ready? Some kids go at it early. Grab another potty and let him try too? I could be wrong, but it might save you a teeny bit of sanity. Maybe?

p.s. My trip is booked... May 21-28!!! See you soon!

Karen MEG said...

Hope this potty training thing continues to be easy ... and Ethan may just be up to the challenge. sometimes older siblings can be a good influence LOL!
And your painting, you are SOOOOO talented! It's beautiful!

Angella said...

Hooray for potty training! Temper tantrums, not so much. They are normal, but SUCH A PAIN.

Looking forward to see what you create!