Friday, December 10, 2010

I'll only sit for a minute...

...I cannot afford to sit for two.
I have been trying to think about how I will get back into blogging, I am just so far behind I hardly know where to start so I am going to just go through archives and meander my way to the present.
Here is post number one.
Our house is on the market as you most likely know.
Not the best time of year to be trying to sell a house so I really hope someone comes along that needs and loves it soon. Well, I hope they give me a days notice before they come first though. I am just way to distracted to keep it clean.

For weeks leading up to the listing (in October) my mom and aunt and a few other relatives and friends spent countless hours over at our house helping me to purge and organize and clean.

Thank you all, I owe you BIG time!!
Now if only I could keep it as perfect as it was when we took the listing pictures, I am just so easily distracted by anything that appears to be more fun. Like school work, crafts, designing the lake house, painting....and today blogging. Hmmm, maybe this had better be a short post and I should break to do some dishes and laundry.

Ya, now that I look at his photo (below) and look around I had better get off my duff.

Want to see the rest, you might never see it this clean again! Here they are.
I am going to do a few chores and then I will be back with the next post. Chow!


Kori said...

I just love hearing from you; and I wish I could buy your lovely house because I would TOTALLY love it. Though it would never ben as clean as it is in that picture! Happy holidays!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Hey you! Loved the post, I'll take short over none :)

See you soon!