Friday, December 10, 2010

End of September, finally

At the end of September...I just found these pics, oops.....we were trying to get into the swing with school work. I was still really tired and recovering from the haemorrhaging but was feeling better. I wasn't yet up for big walks but up and down our street was fine so we took advantage of the nice weather. I was so afraid that it would be winter before we knew it and we hand't been out nearly enough throughout September, if I remember correctly it was a pretty crummy month weather wise.

So I would bundle up Ronin and we would go out and collect stuff for school projects. Dave came home early a few times or would stop by if he was working in our neighbourhood and hang out for a few minutes and take the kids on little nature outings.

They surprised him one day with new looks. Goofballs, I am so glad they have each other!

Then we would head in and get to work with what wed collected outside. Homeschooling = one great big adventure.  More on that in the next post.
Ha, this is so easy! I should always blog months after the fact, by this time I have forgotten anything of relevance and have nothing to say!
On to the next.