Friday, December 10, 2010

Still in September and schooling

A few more from September here and more about our schooling. With Kaitlyn in Kindergarten and Ethan in Pre K (both at home) we have made this a year of discovery. We are tackling the basics of reading and arithmetic as well but putting a lot of focus on expanding the way way learn. I didn't want to just spend the year with our noses in books and I have to admit that not doing that is actually quite challenging.

Outings have been important. Through the fall for one afternoon a week we have gotten together with other home schoolers for gym time and show and tell. Then we have gotten together to create or have fun one on one with families as well.
However most of our learning happens at home.

When a baby is sleeping it is the perfect time to tackle a project.

This day we had been given a bag of baby cucumbers so we found a pickling recipe.

Soon we were busy prepping. Learning measurements and how to use tools in the kitchen kept little brains (and mouths) busy.

One and a half jars filled. Not much of a haul but a fun experience.

Then on to a few work sheets or a lap book. I had dreamt of getting books of sheets done in days and experiments and activities done too but it seems that we usually just do a bit of both or a lot of one or the other from day to day.  We take some days off and some days go full tilt, whatever happens happens. Most of the time it is fun but sometimes it is challenging to keep kids focused. This year is also about learning self control, patience and obedience. We have work to do but I am so glad that I am the one spending this time with them in these critical years of easy influencing. Do I think this is the be all end all of education?
Not really, I don't believe that there is one be all end all system or once size fits all either. Every family has to evaluate and decide what is best for them. For now this is right for us. Maybe when they are older a few years from now we will do something different.  I was public schooled, home schooled and private schooled and see value in each one. But for us right now we are just taking it one year at a time.

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bethany said...

Sounds like our experiences so far ... some days full tilt, other days nothing, it's so great to be able to do what seems good each day, rather than have to follow a formula. I know it may change at any time, but it is great to have the time now!