Sunday, November 14, 2010

Confession time.

I realize it has been ages. So long that I am afraid of starting this up again. I have so much to say, so much that has happened and to be caught up on before life takes the next big turn and I forget about what has happened over the last two months.
But I have come here today to admit to something.

I have a confession.

I have been having an affair. 

With my house.
My poor children and husband and friends have been robbed of my attention as I go off galavanting with putty and paint.
I have danced the hours away with the broom, mop and vacuum. I get around. The whole house! I have been close and personal with walls, cupboards windows and fixtures. I have given them my all.
For the last couple of months I have been consumed and I am coming forward to say...

Our house is on the market and spotless!
Please someone buy it soon so our 'normal' can resume!

The lake house is nearly ready. Drywall is up!

Our foreman has been crazy busy on his phone setting up all the appointments and making sure things run as smoothly as possible.  (and it has NOT been so smooth, maybe we won't leave that task up to a one year old next time!)

There is gas and heat and A/C  and the place has been spray foam insulated. Pot lights installed, a kitchen and bathroom are being constructed.

Floors have been ordered and are waiting to be picked up.
The mudding and taping are happening now and I am on my way out to pick paint.

Can you believe it?!
We went out there yesterday and just sat and imagined living there.
It made me feel a little ill, in a giddy and freaked out kind of way. The house there is less than half the size of our house in the city and I cannot imagine how I will make it really work. I know that major purging and organization will be essential but I am not sure how it will work when it seems that I hardly ever catch a free moment!
And being out of the city. Something I have dreamt of but being out there on a frosty and foggy day it just felt so desolate and quiet. I hope I love it but have a little twinge of fear that I will be lonely!
Sounds silly doesn't it considering that I have four little ones that keep me busy every waking moment.
I guess it is just change. I love it and hate it all at the same time.
So that is a little of what has been going on here in a nutshell. I want to write about our trips to the beach and then the snow and then the sunny t-shirt days but those photos are sitting on the desk top and it is not set up anymore but sitting in a room in the basement staging it as an office.
Anyway, I have now exhausted my few moments of stollen 'me time' and now I have to go vacuum a whole pack of crackers that got dumped on the living room floor by our little foreman while I wasn't looking. 

I miss you guys. A lot. Someday I will be back full force. Once this transition is over. Funny how it is when life is the busiest that that is when I want to blog and share the most but it is also the time that I am completely unable to do it. 
OK, I am shutting up, crackers are getting stomped on by that little foreman now, gotta go!


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

No wonder I haven't heard from you! Good work on getting the house ready, praying it sells fast.

Miss you! Let me know when you have time, we need to do coffee!

bethany said...

sell sell sell, bigger house, and calm, soothe, and feel homey, little lake house. it will ... change is hard, and scary, but those kids of yours will bloom in a whole new way out there i bet. congrats on getting it ready!!! we've missed you. hugs and stamina to you, mama.

bethany actually said...

You've been bizzay! We miss you too, but we understand about life getting in the way of blogging, believe me. :-) I'm glad you're ready to sell the city house and almost ready to move into the lake house, how exciting!

I know in my experience, I tend to like my little houses a lot more than my big houses. They force me to get rid of the crap I don't really use or need and they are so much cozier and *ahem* easier to clean! :-)

Jen said...

YAY!!! SO happy your house is on the market!!! HOORAY!!

You know, your lake house is a lot closer to me than your city house!!


Kori said...

It will all work out the way it is supposed to, and you will handle the changes beautifully-this, I know. I send hugs. But oyu totally have to go to my blog and see my grandbaby!

mamatucci said...

aww I've missed you for sure!

lynne said...

I'm glad your busy and enjoying life. You are a marvel redecorating your house with a newborn and 3 other little people to look after. I hope the rest of the building work goes smoothly and your city home sells quickly.

Happy Birthday to you xxx