Saturday, May 29, 2010

Working on a green thumb

This year we have a garden!
My first garden. Not that I haven't gardened before but this is my very own. Not at someone's farm, not in a pot, this is the real deal.

However I couldn't do it alone and Dave was working on the one day that I had to get it in.
My grandpa with his many years of gardening experience, my dad and brother all came out and pitched in while my mom watched the kids.

It was the perfect day. Warm and sunny.

We planed ...

and planted.

I hope it grows!

And it has rained for the last week. I am glad we got it in when we did, grow little garden, grow!


Marcie said...

YEAH!! I love gardens!! Love the layout, it will be a joy to work in I'm sure. And it's always nice to have the extra hands. Are you planting anything unusual or sticking to tried and true??

Brooke said...

Lovely! I'm sure it will grow. And it's always so wonderful to have help with a garden!

mamatucci said...

is that at the lake? I did pots here this year. Next yr i will do a new one

Anna-b-bonkers said...

nothing unusual, except if you ask my grandpa. He thinks I am all funky like those TV people for planting a bunch of herbs. But really since it is the first year and I am not living there yet I am doing all the normal stuff and hope to do way more elaborate things next year when I can baby it.

nicole said...

grow indeed.