Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back to the lake for that reno

What someday should be our living room view. Oh, the dreaming.

And with Shawn's (Dave's friend who was helping him) final day out there the Tyvek wrap went up on the exterior. Shawn cut holes to amuse the kids.

All the window and door holes are framed and we are ready for that order to come in!

The play room and dining area view. I think there will also be a little coffee corner nook for me to sit and bird watch. I love being in the trees!

The last two window holes were completed.

Of course the kids wanted to help. They went around pounding on the staples.
I am sure it helped.

All wrapped up.

The kids and I try to stay out of the guys way. We watch, we play and of course we interrupt accidentally.

But then we are back to the yard and our little make shift out door room.

The nap station under the big tree was quite a hit. I wish I could fit.

And the cherry trees were blooming, mmmm....



Amydeanne said...

that looks very cool! i'm jealous of the bird watching window! lol of course i've got a cyote watching window LOL... so probably similar.
and that baby belly! You look fantastic!

Jen Wilson said...

Wow, it's looking AMAZING!!!! As is your beautiful belly!!!

Brooke said...

Love the nap time makeshift bed. Also, I've been meaning to email you on facebook, but I'll just take a moment to put my two cents in now. You've talked about not knowing how you could handle being out at the lake house full time after living in the city...anyhow, we went from city living to Aberdeen, and I have to say that we really loved it. It IS hard to get used to not being walking distance from stores, etc. However, overall the kids just loved the "middle of nowhere" lifestyle. They could ride bikes and wander the property at will and I could be in cooking away and not worry about cars or people getting them.
So, that's my two cents : ) We really miss the country life now that we're back in the city too. Never know what the Lord has in store for us!
Keep up the good work on the reno!