Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random days

I thought about doing a post about 15 minutes in my day and about how a few children left alone can destroy a room in a fraction of that time.
I feel more random than that tonight. Not sure what I feel like really. I just had a really all over the map kind of day. Like I am pms-ing but not really.
Happy, annoyed, happy again, irritable, grateful, snappy, sappy, frustrated......

You know, one of those days. Full of highs and lows and somehow at the end it all seemed ok when Dave walked through the door. Balance was back. I am realizing how much he really means to me. Not that he meant nothing but I am seeing the impact of his presence on our family in every day life and how much I appreciate it when he is around.
I think I might have a hero.

Oooo, I think I might just be at a sappy stage again. Let's just move on now.

Randomness is what I am about.
So random this will be.

A special moment, one that makes my heart swell and feel joy.

In fact maybe this will be my theme tonight. Joy. When I look back I don't see the stressful little moments but the many awesome ones. Joy in the little things.

Like how swollen my feet are when I am pregnant. Joy that I am expecting, I still freak out a little when I pass a mirror.
It is just crazy!

My bump and a goofy half smile, no make up and just out of the bath hair.
My huge bump! Oh the comments I get daily when people hear I still have three months to go.
Yes, I should be huge by then.

Watching Kaitlyn and her imagination grow.

The creative dancing before bed. Though it is late, (way past a normal bed time and I just want it quiet so I can read) I have to soak up these moments.

Ethan's "samurai dance."

Drawing on the computer. Giggles are always involved.

Craft days with friends.
Although this day Kaitlyn decided she didn't care much about finger knitting at all.
It is the time spent with friends.

Hudson's first steps. Five in a row.

And then since he is so excited and giggling he buries his head.

And then back up again for an encore.

The most creative use of a breast pump I have ever seen.

My boys.

My man. Hero.

Quiet times. Tractor sounds.

Nurturing moments. More giggles.

Hammock time.

I love you's.

Dirty sweaty husband.

And then to top it all off a night out with the kids (while Dave still plugged away out at the lake) to see the musical Seven brides for seven brothers.
That is one of my little brothers on the left in the striped red and white shirt. I missed getting any really good shots of him since I video taped his scenes instead.
He can dance!
Someone in my family has coordination and can dance!

He blew us away!

There is a little joy. The ones caught on camera. There are so many more that I miss but these serve as good cues for my brain.
The awesome moments caught between the fights over who's foot went over the invisible line on the couch and the tears that ensued.
The peaceful clips between the screams of "There's a bug, there's a bug, save me!" or "I had that first so give it to me!" or the bickers, Ethan trying to tell Kaitlyn what she thinks and Kaitlyn coming back and screaming "It is not true I know, I really did do that!"

And then the singing about How big God is and how Mrs God was married to Noah, mmmm, hmmm.

And I wouldn't give up a second for the world!


Anonymous said...

Man Anna, how you stay up so late still blows me away! lol I turned to Brad yesterday and said "10:00 - good night!" lol. Anyways, what an excellent post! Everything just made me so excited for the days I can enjoy those things with Lyrik! Watching him read his bible and sing bible songs... play with tractors and hear him make 'sound effects' to go along with it and sooner than those things - watching him walk! He's so darn lazy and stubborn he refuses! He could, he just wont lol OH and those shoes are to die for! Your poor feet!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks really good.

Elaine A. said...

Hudson is walking? That's just nuts. I just love his little baby head.

Life is good isn't it? Crazy, but good. Thanks for sharing these moments and photos with us! :)