Saturday, May 29, 2010

An old flame renewed

I am working on pounding out a few posts to get the photo's caught up.
Another rainy day and we went to the Art festival. I was soaked up to my knees and had soggy feet but was otherwise happy. We had gone prepared with a plastic cover for the stroller and an umbrella so we plodded along despite the drizzle. Street fries were consumed, arts and crafts were looked at, soap, jewelry and finger puppets bought and of course I came home with a fresh hit of inspiration. OK, I should have saved that for another post, those pics are still on the camera.

Also if you are wondering why a lot of the late photos have been kinda grainy and crummy it is because they were taken on the old point and shoot which lives in my bag, pocket, dash, never where it belongs. I know there is a case somewhere!

Anyway, now that we are back and dried off here we go.

With the gloomy rain (which I am actually ok with this time around for some strange reason) why not bring in a little sun from over a week ago.

I lounged and loved and soaked up the heat that we had.

The kids and I planted a few bedding plants that they picked out.

And we got all muddy with splashes from the hose.
That and peered over the belly to make sure my feet were still there.

Oh, and after a year I finally renewed my pro flickr account. I forgot how much I missed flickr!
I must be careful though because it also brings out my nasty internet addiction............I will not sit and cruise friends photostreams all day.......I will not..........


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Jen Wilson said...

That first photo is awesome! And you're looking AMAZING as well!

I love Flickr. :)