Friday, July 10, 2009

On the pot

First I want to thank you all for the e-mails and comments on the last post. I don't feel alone but encouraged, thank you! I have tried to e-mail some of you back but I am having issues with my outgoing mail, something to do with the connection out here at the lake so you will get them when I reconnect in the city.  

Hanging on the line...underwear that just doesn't stay up even with the elastic rolled down. Poor little Ethan has the tiniest little butt!

Potty training Ethan. 

Age: 2 ... almost three.
Day one.

It all started this morning when he really wanted a new car that was in a bag in the bedroom. He knows that to get a new HotWheels toy car he has to pee in the potty.
This usually means that he gets a car a week and that is it.
I wasn't worried. I sure had no plans of pushing the potty training, I knew it would come.
Kaitlyn trained on her own at 2 1/2 and it was a breeze so I decided to watch for the ques and potty train Ethan the same way.
Once they show complete interest then I present the potty and underwear and so far it is going well. 
He really wants to do it and is.
There were a few accidents in the morning but he quickly got the hang of things and spent the rest of the day dry and compiling a massive pile of new toy cars. He wasn't to excited to wear a pull up to bed but I want him to be completely dry for a few days before I let him go all night too.

I am really hoping (praying) this keeps going smoothly and the transition is painless.

Here's to day one!

p.s. Any advice on where to buy tiny boys underwear. We have got the Diego and Bob ones from Walmart and tonight tried the Superstore ones. Superstore being the best fit so far. They stay up at the waist but are still wide open around the legs. Walmart ones don't stay up even with the waist rolled down twice over. He ended up with some of Kaitlyn's princess panties on for a while just so he could run around without them falling to his ankles but he was not impressed with the frills.


bethany said...

yay ethan! :) sorry no shopping advice, i've always used target and they've got a 2-3 size that's worked for us.

Kori said...

Yahoo for Ethan! We have had the same problem with Owen, and all I have done is buy the smallest size and wash/dry them in the hottest water I can.

~Holly~ said...

That's exciting! I decided to give potty training a go starting yesterday. So far today we've only had one accident and three pees in the pot, so I'd say that's pretty good... It's not so fun taking her there every 15-20 minutes, though... ;(

Gayle said...

Yay for Ethan! As far as I can remember, my boys wore Hanes undies when they were little. They (my boys) were/are both pretty skinny and I don't remember any problems with the undies falling down or being super loose.

ispeakbeanish said...

Girl, I had the same issue with panties for The Bean when she started potty training. She wore the 18month size training pants for a LONG time. Now she's finally wearing the 2T-3T panties. I have no clue what to suggest for little boys though. Hope the potty training clicks in soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't help out, I may have some old fashioned quilted boys underwear from the 90's. Everything stayed on Alex's rolly polly legs.

Thinking about you lots, we will talk when I see you next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hanes from Target, size 2/3 boxer briefs. My oldest was extremely small and it's the only thing that worked for him. They come in solid colors, but you have to look for them as they don't carry a lot of them.


Anonymous said...

Dont know about boys-I have gotten my girls gymboree underwear as they are both so slim. I usually stock up when they have a sale and have a coupon.

Stacie's Madness said...

yay, good luck