Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello without saying anything

I have started about a million posts in my head over the past few weeks. I must be on the rebound. For a while there (Nov and Dec) I didn't even think about it, didn't miss it and felt like the break was great. Now I miss it, miss you! Then again having a little more energy helps too!
So about those posts.
There are a few sitting on my draft page. None are completed and some of my thoughts are all over the place. Contemplative, some venting and some reflective. 
They all have their place in my mumbled thoughts but will take a little time to edit so I will get them out one at a time. 
Ever have a post that turns into three?
They are like that.

So rather than make this post about anything substantial it will be a bit of a nothing post to just say "Hi!" I am back!
For a brief rundown of the past few weeks. 
It has snowed.
A lot.  
I won't be making a call there anytime soon.
Oh, and the cold. It has been cold and slippery.
However the few nice days have been good ones and we have managed to take full advantage.

By 'we' I mean Dave. 
And then there was the trip. I have a post dedicated to that as well. 
OK, I have a lot of posts on the go.

I am off to edit and hopefully start getting one out every day again.
Happy new year all!

Where there any resolutions?

I always think this is a rather hokey reason to make a resolution but I do it too. 
I resolved to get my butt to the gym and get more organized. I think this is my 5th year at least with the same resolution. The only thing that changes is the reason behind the resolution.
If any of you made resolutions I wish you the best, I have yet to start mine but am starting to plan them. I know, lame, but it is a start for me.

Now really, I am off to work on my real posts!


herM said...

welcome back :) happy new year!

Catharine said...

Nice to see another post and photos and it was great to see you on Sunday, except for the reason behind it :( Thank you for the nice surprise I received in my mailbox yesterday....I love the photo-collage card and all the photos on it - Rod got quite a kick out of the baby's bum!

bethany actually said...

Hi, Anna! It's nice to read you again. :-) I hope you find time and energy to write some of those posts in your head, I have missed you!

Hannah said...

Yay another post from Anna! I have really missed you too.
Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!
Love your new snowy banner, too :-)

BeachMama said...

Glad you are getting your energy back, just in time I tell ya.

Dave looks like he is enjoying the snow and glad the truck stayed upright :).

mamatucci said...

Hello, glad you have more energy. Ethan looks older.This cold is too much too early I think. Hope you had a great New Year.. Brandee

ispeakbeanish said...

Nothing wrong with just saying Hi, I'm here! Glad you're feeling better.

Tracey said...

I hear ya on the blogging slow down. I am finally getting back to my groove and ENJOYING it again, the way I'm supposed to enjoy a hobby!

Oh, and if you were in Illinois, that phone booth wouldn't even exist. Thank you Blagojevich...

Gayle said...

Great to have you back! I'm glad you're feeling less tired now. I love your new banner!

Stacie said...

yes, yes, welcome back.

I sometimes make resolutions as well, but this year was more of a MAINTAIN, resolution, maintain my sanity, maintain my current weight and MAINTAIN my life.