Thursday, January 15, 2009

Burrowing in my 'studio'

I don't know if you have noticed but I have been a little busy....a little absent.
The reason?
I am totally not avoiding anyone, I wish I could get around every day but I am up to my eye balls in projects.
Above is one custom order completed, yay!
Two more are on the go and an order for three came through with the deposit today.
When this happens I disappear into my studio (aka my dining room floor and table) every spare moment I get. However between the kids, the house and my need for more sleep than ever the moments are fleeting.
I try to steal them when Dave walks through the door or when he is getting the kids cleaned up from dinner.

For a few days I had all my canvas and paints on the floor and was sitting cross cross legged with kids hanging off trying to get them prepped.
After Kaitlyn got into wet paint and did a nice little black footprint and purple hand print dance all over the floor (for which she was so proud) I cleaned off the table and moved up.
Controlled mess is what we are after here. Although the foot prints were quite cute.
I have made the request that when I get my proper studio built in our new house that I get cement floors so we can splatter and paint all we want.
I am tired of freaking out over paint on clothes, walls, floors and bodies.

During the days though I am finding it rather hard to find moments to paint. I tried one afternoon to get a moment by  plopping them in front of the TV and begging them to watch it.  But they they would rather be doing whatever I am doing.
So to avoid the temptation of the paints and to get some time out we head out.
For milkshakes....

and coffee.
My cup this day....I could have written it. Then again reading it was a good reminder to me as well. Kinda like a slap upside the head that day.
Anyway...about writing it.... I am definitely not that eloquent with my speech nor with my type. I am reminded of this every time I reread a post the next day. I am such a dim whit when it comes to putting words together I am surprised and flattered when any of you come back....and I hope it is not to laugh at my poor grammar.
Surprisingly I actually did really well in English class in high school and even tutored ESL students for a few years. I just seem to have forgotten everything in the last 10 years.

Dave says the problem is that I try to type what I see in my brain and somewhere the connection gets lost.
Nice guy.
But he is totally right!  Hallmark seems to say so well what I wish I could and then when I get around to reading other blogs I feel like crawling under a rock. Some of you really have a way with words and I wish you could come translate from my brain what I wish I could say.
Does that make any sense?
See what I mean!
Anyway the coffee was good. Decaf and loaded with extra caramel drizzle for the kids to scoop off with their stir sticks. Mmmmm.
Now I just got the chills, for real.
It is so blasted cold out there. 
On the nicest day in weeks we headed out to play in the snow.
It really did not go over well.

Kaitlyn lasted about three minutes before announcing she was done and would go in and watch from the  front door window. 

And we followed her in.
Poor kids are as wussy as I am when it come to the cold.

Oh, I almost forgot, I had a story to share.
I have to document it so I don't forget it.

The other night Kaitlyn and Ethan were measuring things around the living room. Ethan was announcing that everything was "2" and Kaitlyn was sure it was "18".
She then turned to Dave and stretched her tape as wide as she could and said, "daddy, I want to measure how funny you are."
I nearly died. 


Kim said...

Love the froggies. LOVE the measuring. Aren't kids great!

bethany actually said...

The title on that cup, "The way I see it," explains exactly why we all keep coming back here. Regardless of your grammar or eloquence, we read what you write because it gives us a glimpse of the world from your point of view! Also, we come for the fantastic photos of your adorable, full-of-character kids. I love your photos because they're so often taken from unexpected angles and give me a new view of a familiar image.

Measuring how funny daddy is...hee!

bethany actually said...

By the way, your grammar and eloquence are just fine! I'm sort of a grammar/spelling/punctuation Nazi and I do notice occasional typos in your posts but you know what? They don't bother me a bit. Partly because sometimes that kind of thing is stylistic, and partly because your writing is good enough to outweigh the errors. I'm also a writing snob, and if you weren't a good writer I wouldn't be bothering to read your site. ;-)

Badness Jones said...

Anna - I'm amazed at all the art you manage to get done, and it is beautiful. I've barely touched a brush or pencil since my children were born. I just find that I get so frustrated at being interrupted, so resentful of having to put down my work to make lunches and soothe hurts and wipe bums that I'm not the parent I want to be. I just keep telling myself, "when they're bigger...when they're bigger". But you inspire me to try, and I want to thank you for it. Thanks.

Gayle said...

Love your artwork!

I'm the same as you. When I read other people's blogs I am so amazed by their eloquence. I keep coming back to your blog because you have such a kind heart and you write from it. That beats fancy writing every time!

Kami said...

Aw, I love the froggies, and you are so fast! You didn't even have the sketches done when I was there two days ago:)

Love those milkshakes too! That is one of Vic Squares best kept secrets.

Measuring how funny daddy is - hee hee! I bet he's off the chart.

It was great seeing you!

Stacie said...

I love the way you wrie and express yourself...I will keep coming stick that in your "I don't express myself well" can. ;-)

The kids in the snow are GREAT and exactly how I feel about the weather lately!

Momma TaderDoodles said...

I'm in love with those froggies!!!

And I really want a Caramel Macchiato now (yeah, I probably spelled that incorrectly....)

I love you art! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Hannah said...

First of all, how cute are those frogs?! I love them!

Secondly, your blog is fantastic. I love coming here to read and look and get a glimpse of your life. I think you express yourself in your own (genuine) way, and I love that about you. Don't wish that you could be somebody else (or have somebody else write your blog). We love you (and your blog) just the way you are!


Elaine A. said...

OMG, those milkshakes!!! Those look to DIE FOR! YUM!

Ok, I'm back...

It's funny that you mention grammar b/c I posted about that today (not yours, just in general!HA!).

And I can't say that I blame the kids for wanting to come in out of the cold.

Nice froggies and love the quote on the coffee cup!

Kori said...

I keep coming back because I think you are one amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics.
LOL Ponty

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love frogs, and those are very cute!! I can't believe the snow you have there. It has been in the 80s all week here. My kids are so jealous of your "igloo". Although last time we went to the snow, my youngest didn't last very long either. Those milkshakes are almost as big as your kids! I completely agree with the sentiment on the side of the Starbucks cup.

Brooke said...

Expression through honesty is a serious strong point of yours--puts the rest of us to serious shame :) Thank you for your candid openhearted writing. That's the beauty of a blog (I'm beginning to learn) we ALL get to be writers. And those who love us, come to read and enjoy. What Dave said makes sense--you are an artist, you take what you see and try to put it on paper, er, screen. Don't worry--it comes out nicely! Also, I have no clue how you all survive up there in the land of the frozen. I don't blame you at all for going inside!

mamatucci said...

kids say the cutest things! I love the froggies

BeachMama said...

Love the Starbucks Cup. Nothing like a reminder to keep us going. You do great, now I need to listen to you the next time I am frustrated trying to get stuff done when the kids are hanging off me. Get out of the house!

Your paintings are fabulous too as are your kids measuring everything.

p.s. thanks for sending your cold air our way ;)

homemom1001 said...

Anna, reading your blog is like having a visit with you - all honesty, reality and joy, no putting on airs or faking it for the public! I think you are amazing! I realize that eloquent writers can do it naturally as well, but don't compare!!!! People who can write beautifully may not be able to paint beautifully or take such amazing pictures! You are a treasure!!
(Those frogs are the CUTEST!!)

Tracey said...

Hey, burrowing in is totally acceptable. We all need to do it occasionally.

Love the bunny hanging off of your thigh below, btw...

Anonymous said...

I am the most fortunate grandma in the world. First of all, thanks for painting the froggies for a good friend of mine who is having a baby! Second of all, thanks for making my son happy,,,,, and in turn making me content. I loved my time with you all on Saturday. it made my day that Ethan allowed me to be part of his life. Thanks for being you and bringing so much joy to my life.
Keep being creative - life is so much better when you can bring joy to others! Lots of love

lynne said...

Hello, sorry for not commenting for a while. I hope you are not feeling so tired now as you where earlier in your pregancy. Your bump looks really cute by the way.

I am in awe that you manage to find the energy to paint and look after 2 children while creating a 3rd. Barbara Hepworth who was a famous 20th century British sculptor had triplets and singleton, she once advised female artists with children "that as long as they tried each day to work on something, even if it were for only 40 minutes it was a step forward". Well words along those effects anyway.

I'm going to look in Starbucks to see if the UK cups have similar life affirming statements on the side. As part of my economising plan I've not had one this year :0