Saturday, January 10, 2009

The half way bump and twinkle toes

I stood in front of Kaitlyn's mirror and realized that it looks like I have a rabbit hanging from my butt.
So I moved it. Now I just look polka dotty, however those dots are actually from Kaitlyn. She licks the rubber ring that holds her bunny to the mirror and has moved it a few times.
Could be some slobbery kisses too.
Oh, and the boob. That big orange blob in the left hand corner. Yup, boobage up close.
Better.  So that is the baby bump. 20 weeks and I feel really huge already. I have gained close to what I gained total while carrying both Kaitlyn and Ethan. Then again I barely gained anything in the last half of either of those pregnancies.
And yes, this is it.  We were happy with two but had always talked about having three. Our quiver full. Actually I really don't know how we will do it. I just cannot imagine at this point what three will be like and it kinda overwhelms me and makes my head spin and want to fall off when I try to think about it.  Then again I felt that way before #1 and #2 as well.  Kinda panicky and anxious and all giddy inside.
But once 1 and 2 were home and settled the feelings wore off. Slightly. I still feel kinda skittish and giddy when I think about the responsibility of raising them. Thinking about talking about sex and the realities of the world and homework, yikes, I feel like running into the bathroom, throwing up and then shoving them back where they came from.

But then I push those thoughts to the back of my mind and focus on the day to day. I know that those moments will come and they won't be dropped on me like a bomb in the middle of the night. We will work up to them and talk about them and strategize.....I think. 
I sure hope we feel somewhat prepared when the time comes.

Focusing on the day to day is far more fun than worrying about something I shouldn't be worrying about anyway.
And the focus last night was on slippers. Fairy ballet slippers.
I have never made shoes before let alone fairy ballet slippers. So we traced her feet and started cutting felt.
I think they turned out a little fairy-elfis but they fit and lit up a little face.
They aren't as ballerina pretty as I hoped but to Kaitlyn they are perfect.
I love how she loves without judgment or criticism.
So innocently.

My little twinkle toes girl who is forever squishing my belly. Between her and Ethan I sometimes wonder if we are going to have a pancake baby, poor little thing.


Glenda said...

Awww you look soooo cute!! Love the twinkle toe slippers - ever girl needs a pair! Ü

The Chatty Housewife said...

You look great Anna! I love the little slippers too, what a cute pattern.

bethany actually said...

Anna, you look fantastic! So glowy and happy. :-) And the slippers are adorable; of course Kaitlyn loved them!

Anonymous said...

Love your orange shirt and the slippers.

I can so relate to your feelings. The responsibility is a heavy one isn't it. My mom once told me something that always makes me feel a little bit calmer when I ponder the enormity of the task of parenting. She said, "you never really know what you're doing. You just keep doing what you think you're supposed to do." That, I can do.

Gayle said...

You look great!

I think three children is the perfect number! (Of course, I have three!) You'll do just fine.

Love the slippers!

Elaine A. said...

Well look at that darling bump! Thanks for showing us! Honestly, I can't believe you are 20 weeks already - Wow time flies!

Love the slippers - very cute!

{could I use anymore exclamation points?} ; )

mamatucci said...

you look great this is going so fast for me haha. I love the slippers...

Badness Jones said...

You look terrific! And I think that the ballet fairy shoes look very sweet. You're a talented mommy, and those are some very lucky children you've got there...

Hannah said...

Anna, you look GORGEOUS!! Your halfway bump is what I looked like at 6 weeks pregnant, ROFL :-)
I love the colour (orange) on you as well, it totally suits you!

Kori said...

Agh, you are so beaitulful that I might have to stop reading your blog! The Bump is just gorgeous. And I love the slipper idea; too bad my little girl is too ld for something like that!

Brooke said...

Cute shoes, cute bump, I think I'm going to be sick over how tiny you are : ) Actually, I was small with Caroline...but I looked that big with Ezra by 12 weeks--and it wasn't just a bump--it was EVERYwhere :) Glad the pregnancy is going well!

cc said...

Love the bump.

I have a friend in town who is due in a few weeks, I better get back to my knitting!!

Oh, and when did Ethan get so much hair?!?!?!?!?

R Family of 4 said...

You look great Anna! I love the slippers