Sunday, July 13, 2008

A week with no internet... and we survived

We are still kicking. Seems that this posting once a week will be my summer norm for a while. 
Time flies, the days are long and by the evening we are totally wiped and fall into bed totally exhausted.
I am sure that all the work we have been plugging away at out at the lake has something to do with it.

The weekends have become a time to come in catch up on laundry, check e-mails and have a few minute to update. I try to make my way around and do some reading too but I have a feeling it will be a little while before I get to comment again.

Back out to the cottage we went this past week still trying to get a feel for how we like it out of the city.
The verdict so far is that we love it, we'll see about winter though. 
Kaitlyn and I have been plugging away at crafts in the evenings. It is rather odd not to have TV or internet out there but we are finding that bon fires and crafts are filling the void.
Days down at the beach...or maybe I should say minutes. We don't seem to last long in the heat and after a few sand castles we head back up to the shade.
I think a beach umbrella is in order.
Oh Deer.
 There have been so many this year. And a few accidents involving them in the family too. I am sure it is no different than other years but for us getting to see them --at a distance-- regularly is such a treat. 
My project of the week was this old rocker left by the previous owners.
I sanded, primed and painted it. 
Still have a few coats to go but it is turning out. Next up will be the reupholstery of the old cushions part. I am terrified and wish I know what I was doing. But I have a seam ripper-outer-thing-a-ma-jig so eventually I hope it turns out.

The Saskatoon berries were ripe this week as well and we made a few trips into the bush to pick. 

Wild flowers. We were out for a walk thorough the village and came across bunches of them all mowed carefully around in the ditches. Whoever the park mower is must be a flower lover and I think it is rather cool.
Dave. He has been having such a blast out there destructing and dragging stuff around the yard.
Can you tell?
We had a few rainy days this week. Ethan spent the days out splashing in the mud with his train and trucks while Kaitlyn hung out in the doorway with her babies.

I am off to plug away at the laundry now and get the food situation taken care of. 
This business taking care of two places is a little overwhelming. We are keeping it simple out there though and that sure helps.
Sewing machine in tow I hope to make some headway with the recovering of the cushions sometime this week.
 Are there any tricks to this?
I have a feeling it will be different than sewing a tote. Actual measurements and all, ack, I might be in over my head with this one!
Anyway, back to work. I hope you all are having a fantastic summer!


Glenda said...

Oh Anna I feel the same way! Summertime is VERY busy - some much going on and in 10,000 different directions Ü Sounds like your have a great time with your new place!

nicole said...

Ahhh...summertime and new digs! Does this mean you are selling your in town place? Many changes. Enjoy those simple days of berry picking and crafting. Yum-o Saskatoon berries!

Kristen said...

I just love that you all are living without tv or the internet. Actually I think there is something probably soothing about it.

Looks like you are having so much fun!

Does it count that I would give up my laptop and tv for your beach setting anytime??

Have fun, and enjoy the time together. And as always, GREAT pics!!

SAJ said...

Don't worry it will be easy! I did it and I hate sewing. No need to measure. Just pin and cut the fabric on the cushion inside out. The corners are tricky but the rest works out. You can do it!

I'm just in awe of your painting furniture! You get so much done! I want to come visit and join in the fun!

Kiki said...

I love renewing old furniture! Good luck with your cushions!

Kori said...

You are lucky! No phone, no are so great!

Elaine A. said...

Ok, this place is worth it just for all the cool stuff the people left behind. I mean first that other piece that you painted yellow and now this cool rocker? Awesome!!

Stacie said...

I think it all sounds fantastic. I am eager to read about it each week or whenever you want to post about it. Seriously sounds so relaxing and great for you all as a family!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, especially the one with K with her dolly ; but if you must leave E with a mullet I think that David has to grow his out too...All of the Happy pictures are great, love Ponty.

BeachMama said...

We are plugging along with Summer too! Hubby has been on vacation and I fear it won't be as fun next week when he gets back to work. I find the tv on less and the toys, outside and walks more of a norm.

I am sure I missed you leaving for the cottage, but let me know if you need help with the cushions, I do them often!

Kami said...

The rocker looks great in red, can't wait to see the finished cushions!

I'll talk to you when you are back in town :-)

Kami said...

Oh and that picture of the deer in the Canola field is stunning!

Rachel said...

Looks as though everyone had a good time.