Monday, July 21, 2008

A mini face dilema.....verdict please

Remember how I wanted to reupholster the cushions for the red chair? Turns out I need to get new foam cut first. When I went to take the old covers off the foam was flaking and stinky so I am putting off the project. It really has nothing to do with being intimidated by the whole idea...really.
OK, well maybe a little bit. I am freaking out about the piping part. I have never worked with piping and I so badly want it to turn out perfect and neat and straight. I think I might need to haul a certain sewing aunt up to the lake with me next.
I had forgot about pining inside measuring needed. Thank you B, what was I thinking!
Anyway we are back from another week up there. I am sooo hooked on the out of town lifestyle. Don't get me wrong though, I missed the city, friends and neighbors and shopping but there is a certain peace and quiet out there that is just unobtainable in the city.
It is so calming and really makes my creative side feel free.
I could just create endlessly out there...well if the kids napped all day. Fat chance there though. Truth is by the time they were in bed we crashed too. Fresh air is so tiring.
I managed one evening up a few hours past their bed time and made family face magnets. (click on photo to see the details) I love making these and would love to make tons.
So here is the question folks:
Do you think these would fly as a custom order idea for my etsy shop?
I would charge $5 a magnet and maybe make a few deals for larger family orders. Like $20 for 5 magnets or $25 or 8 or something like that. Of course pets would be part of the family too.
What do you think?
I have no idea if any one but me (and Kaitlyn) would like their family on their fridge.
We ended up sticking paper under them and drawing bodies to go with them.
Oh the things we do to fill the internet and TV void.
As we were getting ready to head to the town general store----which totally has everything-- Kaitlyn brought me her elastics and wanted to wear them all.
She was quite the hit with all the small town ladies and shop keeper. 
With all the attention I am afraid this do might become a staple. Maybe she'll start a trend. Or not. 
I would have to be Angelina or Gweneth or something.
Now the yard and junk pile. Dave has continued to add to it daily and  the place is staring to look cleaned up.

While Dave plugs away we keep busy making crafts. 
This usually lasts about ten minutes then we all rush out to watch Dave in the yard.

While he is at work we just hang around. Go down to the beach, meet locals and play.
I really do wonder how the winter will be though. Summer is so fun and I could move there in a heart beat. I worry about the commute for Dave.  The drive to the city is through a valley with lots of windes and hills. Lots of people do it though and love it so we'll see.

So many photos I know. I am packing a weeks worth though and there were nearly 600 on the camera so bear with me.
If only me legs were this long. I love shadows.
A special delivery this week.
Gumball the kitten came to our neck of the woods and inspired. 
Thank you saj, the kids went a good way of course. Gumball is not scary, rather cute and cuddly actually.
Welcome to my lake studio. I rummaged trough the junk heap and found this worn piece of wood. 
I love repurposed things and this one called out for a boy inspired project.
Eth-man style of course and he promptly grabbed it, hugged it, put it on the ground and stomped on it while squealing "tchaker, tchaker!"
Saturday was the village garage and craft sale.
Small towns really know how to throw em. Deals were in abundance. Almost everything was 25 cents or $1, including this fairy dress.

Sun and rain. So magical.
While cleaning out the crawl space Dave came across this  old walker. Totally illegal now but it is fun for Kaitlyn's babies.

The junk pile went on a diet this weekend. Though I have a feeling it is just a crash one and it will rebound badly. Three loads to the dump made a small dent. Progress though, and that is what matters at this point.

Now I have to get some serious laundry done and lists made up for I need to stock up on magnet making supplies for the next trip out or ditch the whole idea?
Is it creepy or cute?
Maybe I am weird or maybe I am way cool...oh the possibilities!


Hannah said...

It sounds like you are really loving it out there! You just ooze happiness in these posts & photos :-)

I ADORE that first pic of you & Ethan. So precious!

Love Kaitlyn's funky hairdo - I do think you could start a trend! It could spread across the blogs like wildfire ;-)

And WOW at all the crafts you've been doing ... gorgeous stuff!

Kami said...

Hey you! Just talked to you so it's seems funny to be commenting here but I just had to!

LOVE that first photo and I agree with Hannah, the lake really seems to agree with you. And I still get to see you so I guess it's all good.


Maybe see you tomorrow, if not next week for sure!

Kori said...

Not only do I think the magnets are an inspired idea,I would also like to be the first to order. There are 6 of us-and we certainly would not need ones of the two cats or the dog and the one remaining pup or the rabbit.... seriously, I think it is a great idea, and yeah, I think it would be a hit. Or perhaps I am as cheesy as you? I loved the photos, which I always do, but that one of the sun and rain was so cool!

Kristen said...

I too think the magnets are a fabulous idea!

And seriously, you are making me want to move to the country. Oh the pictures you are taking are amazing. Makes me long for simpler times as well.

Now I am off to check out your etsy store. Your paintings are just too cool! :)

The Chatty Housewife said...

Just start a flickr group for the hairstyle and it will spread like wildfire. :P

I can't believe that walker- it brings back a lot of memories and is in such great shape! If they weren't illegal you could probably get good money for it somewhere!

bethany actually said...

Annalie used to want her hair like that sometimes too. I only wish I could convince her to still let me do it like that sometimes. :-)

It looks like you guys are really having a great time out in the country! I am so glad it's turning out to be all you hoped it would be. And I love the tractor painting, and the row of houses!

Elaine A. said...

That's going to absolutely be the coolest house with all of your awesome and creative stuff in it. Talk about possibilities. Anna, your creativity just really amazes me.

Love Kaitlyn's "do!"

And that first picture - to.die.for.

nicole said...

love love love the shot of you and ethan. the out-of-dodge life seems to be agreeing with you! bravo!

Teri said...

I love the magnets! I think you should sell them in your shop.

PS - you don't know me, I just found your blog through someone else, and I think your artwork is awesome. The big dandelion is still my favorite.

BeachMama said...

Wow Dave is really going to town! And your creativity is just booming out there, how wonderful.

The magnets remind me of a family tree I bought for my Mom years ago at a craft show, you picked the people (made from clay) that most resembled your family and they stuck them on a wooden tree for you. My Mom still has it in her kitchen all these (18 years) later.

MJ said...

Love Kaitlyn's 'do!

Whenever you are feeling down about your reno, go visit Shirley's blog to read this:

Shirley will make you feel better. Much better.

drowninginlaundry said...

Geez I am finally catching up on some blog reading and I totally think the magnets are a cool idea. I would buy a set for sure, and if there was a way you could mount them on push pins for the kid's corkboard I would buy 2 sets!