Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just beachy--in a less wordy Wednesday kinda way

As if we couldn't get enough and you are probably bored to tears but we headed back out to the beach for the day. Friends in tow we braved the overcast balmy heat for an afternoon of splashing, swinging and digging.
We are getting those roots in check (yikes) week. And my teeth, bleaching is a must and going on my shopping list for tomorrow!
I didn't realize how long it had been since my last bleaching session and then I realized it was before kids, yikes!! I cannot believe I ever smile with those scary things!
Looks like a good wrinkle cream is in need too. Maybe it is just that I was lazy in the make-up department today but yikes I am scaring myself. Maybe it is just my way younger girlfriend making me look old, ah, ya, lets go with that..I am working on a wrinkle-character thing. Pfffffftttt!
"It's raining on my nose mommy."

I was going to try for one of those wordless Wednesday posts....I have yet to do one but apparently I am too wordy so lets just aim for a less wordy Wednesday.
Ok, done, zippin it!

This is so hard!


bethany actually said...

Anna, you really ARE bonkers if you think you look anything but pretty and fresh and beachy in that photo. :-)

Kori said...

I am glad you pointed out the root issue, because I was going to say....HA, totally kidding, I think you look great-just like you SHOULD when you are at the beach!

Kristen said...

As always fabulous pictures and I am still dreaming of the beach here in the mountains! :)

You look awesome in your picture too, and I don't know what you are talking about! But for the record, I just bought wrinkle cream too. I can't believe a bottle of that stuff lives next to my make-up. Seriously, when did I get old enough for that stuff??

I can't do WW either. I too need to stop talking. Even on comments I guess!

Anonymous said...

Wrinkles!!Roots!! I think I can see a few grey hairs too!!! Aging fast..Enjoy it before you get really old. More pictures please. Lots of love to you all. Ponty

Kami said...

YOU are beautiful you silly girl. I second Bethany's comment. HOT mamma alert, hot mamma alert!


Shannon said...

You look great!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm loving yours! I had to do my roots this week - MUCH grey and roots were showing. So sad. I love the beach pictures, we are headed to NB and NS on Friday and I totally CANNOT wait. I'll be sure to visit your blog when I'm back in a couple weeks!

Elaine A. said...

Oh please! You look great. I don't really "see" you as a wordless kind of gal, but that' ok - be who you are, right?

Love the tire swing...

rhubarbwhine said...

It's WARM where you are! It's COLD where I am! I am jealous! Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you did, now I have a lot of your posts to read up on :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,
I LOVE those magnets. Might just have to get me a family pack.
Love Aunt Deb
P.S. Sorry we missed getting together this week.
See ya

Karen MEG said...

You are having an amazing summer, Anna... great shots!

And I can NEVER be wordless on a Wednesday, ever... ;)