Friday, September 24, 2010

Hanging out

Hanging out. Something we are getting good at. I have found that being busy with these little ones is rearranging my life. I used to love going out and having play dates and being busy every other day or so out of the house. Not that I don't love play dates but they just wont happen as often anymore.
Now I am good with one outing a week, or less. I am sure I will get stir crazy eventually and want a night or two out, but I am good to go on those alone.

We are just so busy in our own little life at this stage that it would be crazy to go doing even more. I am sure that once reno's are done and packing is done and we are moved and settled things will change, time will tell.

I have realized that we have a lot on our shoulders with raising these little people. We are the ones instilling values and morals and shaping the will. Going out too much messes with that and then we take three steps back to unlearn garbage that they pick up. Oh yes, we can chalk it up to learning experiences, learning how not to behave or how not to talk or dress or whatever the example might be. 
But also teaching them what is right takes a lot of time, we have stubborn natures by nature so it is interesting enough here at home. 

I am not saying that we don't have good friends to hang out with, we have amazing friends, this is some of what I am learning by watching them. I value less stress and am learning that if I do less and focus on what is really important I have less stress. I might miss seeing friends really regularly but I don't love them any less, maybe more because those times spent visiting become more precious.

Getting to know these little guys that God has trusted us with is so cool. Watching their little minds churn and grow, awesome. 

Like Ethan and Kaitlyn when they play bakery. These kids love to watch cake shows, a few in particular and one is Cake Boss. Ethan likes to be Buddy, the main character and he puts on an accent, builds cakes out of pillows blankets and whatever else is laying around. He then gets Kaitlyn (She plays the sister Mary) to help him carry it down to his delivery truck which is made of stools and a fuzzy chair. They then deliver it and collect money and sever the cake. Suddenly Ethan turns into a transformer and is a boat or a robot and he is done with the cake making business. Kaitlyn starts up her own dialogue as if she is playing both parts and brings in a few babies and a bag of random things that she likes to carry around. 
They are better than TV or a book any night.

But then sometimes I feel like I am going to freak. Like I just want to scream, swear a lot, pull my hair out, eat chocolate and guzzle coffee. Like this afternoon. I had to take a few moments to breath and get centered. Pray a little, read a scripture or two, blog a little, tune out a little, twitter. I still wanted chocolate though, and had to put in a call for the husband to stop on the way home.
There was apple sauce spilled on the floor at the same moment that another child dumped a full bag of gold fish at the same moment that another child happened to start screaming and needed to be nursed while the supper dishes were on the stove and the husband wasn't going to be home until really late, oh and another child was somehow mysteriously naked.  Oh and did I mention that we have been living (all our play time) in the living room since our basement flooded in the kids play area a few weeks ago. The 6 x 12 carpet in our living room is feeling rather small. 

I shouldn't complain though, I have not been given more than I can handle. It could be worse, heck it might be some day. I am ok with it 98% of the time, there are just these occasional moments that I just want to step outside, snap my fingers and have the place back in order. I secretly dream that I can be Mary Poppin's for a few moments. Especially after dinner. The kids love to cook. Ever stinking meal!
I try to hide the fact that I am cooking sometimes because I want to eat within an hour. However there is usually a chair pulled over to the counter within a few moments with excited little voices begging to help. So they do. They do all the cooking. This if fun though, for the most part it is actually really fun. However the mess. Oh, the mess.
I wish my mom could come over every morning to deal with what is left behind after supper.
I so wish for Mary Poppin's magic as I walk out!

And then I sit and smell my baby. Baby smell and kisses are intoxicating, they make you forget everything else. I look around and remember that this is a small phase in time and I release the stress and am content to deal with mess for now.

Taking a moment here and there to breath, step back and drink in the situations gives me a different perspective. Suddenly everything going wrong at the same moment appears kinda funny. 
Like a bad joke, but still funny. How I react in these moments is the key. Do I freak out over the accident or quietly clean it up and comfort the children.

This balancing act is getting tougher all the time and I thought I would have it all figured out by now. Hello, I am almost 30!

I was totally planning to have it all figured out by now!
(P.S. that is the garden above, all done, dug up and picked just days before the frost hit big time!)

Anyway I am learning that no matter how old I am I still feel like the same old me, I am just way more comfortable with being the same old me with more experiences and more patience.

And more children.

And less me time.
I miss me time, but wouldn't trade it for anything right now. (I have my moments though, believe me!)

But this is why God makes little kids and  babies smell good and have skin so soft and so snuggly. So you can't help but love em and want to munch their little cheeks.

I can't remember where I was going with this post now. Oops, I think I was going to talk about homeschooling and renovating two places at once and having a baby and then a basement flood and some other stuff. Hmmmm, next time I guess!

I am going to find that baby and snuggle his little rolls right now!


bethany actually said...

I love Ronin's camera shirt, and I had that same green "Twinkle" outfit for Annalie when she was a baby, but in shorts form! You'll probably see it on this baby in the future.

I'm glad to hear you've been nesting a bit and focusing on your family! You'll get back to "normal" with going out and more playdates as the kids get older, but for now you NEED to rest as much as you can and conserve your energy for the important stuff, as you said. Your friends will understand.

Love to you all!

Little Mommy said...

I can totally identify with all that you said in that post!

Kori said...

For whatever it's worth, I think at the end of the day if all the kids are relatively clean and nobody's bones have gotten broken, well, it's a good day. You are doing a great job, anna, really.

Brooke said...

I hear ya on not wanting to go out much! i am pretty content to stay home and live in the chaos and just dream about what it would be like to go out with the girls once or twice. Oh yes, and put in my chocolate orders to be delivered via the husband : ) Good call on that one! Keep munching those cheeks. That's how you get your super mommy powers.
Oh, last week when we were moving my mom and I were actually talking about how much we wished Mary Poppins could be helping us, haha.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Love the updates. The kids are getting so big and so cute... It IS a short phase, you're right. It's just that it's such a physically draining phase that it can be hard to be present while being so exhausted.

Hope it's a great fall for your family!

Loukia said...

I just love popping in here and seeing all your awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

You sound like you are doing a great job! I only have 3 kids, and I don't have it as together as you do. :) It is easiest when they are all at home with you. I remember those days so fondly now, even though I know they drive you crazy some days with the mess and the "helping". I have my calendar on the fridge filled in with different colored pens and there is still not enough room for all the activities my kids have. With neighbors, friends and my husband pitching in, we still drop the ball a bit occasionally. But I love having a car full of junior high schoolers and kiddos heading to a birthday party or off to dance class. I'm blessed to have busy, healthy kids who want me involved in their lives.

homemom1001 said...

Just try and remember when everything goes wrong at once that it is a TV of the ones on the corny but favorite sitcoms...the moments that crack you up and shake your head knowingly when you are watching them! And see if there is a happy resolution in just a half an hour! ;)

Sandy said...

You are a wonderful mommy with a beautiful family, miss you lots!