Friday, February 5, 2010

My sleepless nights

For a few nights here and there I haven't been sleeping. OK, maybe more than that, I would need better sleep to remember.
Sometimes I think I am too tired to sleep, sometimes it is that a little person or three wake up through the night and the moment my head hits the pillow another takes a turn. And recently it has been the pregnancy, I think, it has seemed random and weird. Throws a loop in my day and makes me irritated, I might as well be painting!

But the most usual times I don't sleep is just because my mind is so busy creating and thinking and dissecting everything. I like to know, understand and make sense of things, all kinds of things, close, far, wacky and normal, spiritual and unspiritual.

As a child I used to dream the the world stopped and stood still when I wasn't looking. That it only moved where I went. I was a dreamer and probably always will be. It is safe and lovely.

A friend twittered me this the other day and it made my moment! Later!


mamatucci said...

I feel for you. I have been having trouble sleeping lately again too it sucks,when you cant turn off your brain!

Stacie's Madness said...

{hugs} sleeping is something I've never had a problem with...and I'm thankful. I hope you get some much needed rest soon!

BeachMama said...

Anna!! How did I miss three posts ago that you were pregnant again?? I had to go back and reread that post. Somehow I missed the first part where you say that you are pregnant again. Then your last post, you mentioned something that made me think and now again here I had to go back and read.

How exciting for you guys. It's not like you haven't done it so close together before, you have been there and survived although most Mom's would say you are out of your mind. Congratulations to you all!

bethany actually said...

Anna, thank you for sharing that video! It was AWESOME. :-) It made my morning!

bekaboo said...

Hope you start sleeping soon! My 13 year old loves Owl City, and this one is so cool!