Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little irritable so you get the surface

I kinda don't feel like talking, don't feel like saying anything that pertains to anything that has been going on. Some of you already that we had to go out of town for almost two weeks to see Dave's mom who is still in the ICU in Calgary. So, I don't feel like talking about it, nuf said. We are drained. We love her and want her to get better.

Instead I really want to start telling you about my crazy spiritual journey but at the same time have no energy to actually think it through at the moment and make sense of it for you.
So, how about some fluff stuff.

I am soooooo game for fluffy surface stuff that takes me away to some other place. A happy sappy and easy don't think too much place. I am tired of thinking. Tired of everything. I get annoyed easily. Why are so many people stupid and waste their time on useless dumb stuff?
See, annoyed, you don't want to hang out with me right now. I don't want to either, maybe I just need a good night of sleep.

I did start journaling today. I like it.

Wow, I sound empty tonight.

Ya, so let's get on with fluffy stuff, I can do that without thinking and without coffee, or jelly beans, oh wait, nope, I still need jelly beans. Craving them right now and I tried to have a bowl of chowder instead and I still NEED jelly beans.

Be right back.

Ok. Mmmm, I had a black jelly bean, mmmm........

Not feeling so good now, maybe jelly beans weren't such a good choice. Should have had a grapefruit.

Getting on with it!


A month ago now. Fun day. Except for the cold.

A dude who had no interest in skates.

This is the way to get around on the ice!

This little rink in behind the houses near us is awesome. They flood around the trees in the park and it is so quiet. Perfect.

I'm a rock star....

And on the odd lazy day a gamer, a gamer with motivation. You would never know it to look at this but she likes to get it right so she can move on to the next level with everything completed.
Soooooo like her dad!


Once again, no picture of me, well besides this lousy one. I am going to give Kaitlyn my point and shoot, that should fix everything, well at least you might see my knees or elbows or an ear or something.

"Yipeeee ky ai!" (I have no idea how to spell those sounds!)

"Howdy mam."

A painting to pass the time while in Calgary. Inspired by a photo my in-laws took in Cuba and gifted to them.

I used to have this dream of someday having all our children standing in a line with pretty dresses and suits. In this dream they would stand there and sweetly play instruments and sing.

Ha, ha, good thing I am not the type to hold on to dreams and am a go with the flow-er!

Because it is just not in their nature. At all.

They are natural born rockers. Don't ask us to come up front at a church with a sweet little diddy.
We might just knock your socks off.

I swear I did not teach them this.
I love em for it!

Hudson. We have had an interesting time with him over the last few weeks. Trying goats milk, formula (ugh) and wishing I had more milk. This is what has happened every time I hit my second trimester in a pregnancy. My milk cuts down to a third and trickles to colostrum.

Fortunately he is so easy going that we has adjusted and stayed happy. And started sitting himself up, shooting me with an eggplant and scootching everywhere on his belly and toes.

And what else.....
It if February! And a great excuse to make heart crafts. We have some lined up for the next few days but this one I was pretty excited about. The kids love to sew and when SAJ posted her link to her craft of the month we had to give it a shot. She is so good at thinking for me. Thank you SAJ, we had a blast with this one!
(she was also the one who has inspired me to start doodling in my journal again.....thank you for that too....since I haven't gotten around to telling you that yet)

Ethan then wanted to do another has way. Mini.

Be mine?



"Love you!"

And then Kaitlyn wanted to do her version of a mini string heart valentine.
Love her!

And that rounds out my fluffy stuff.
I am still a little antsy and wish that I could just say what I think all the time. However I don't like to offend and cause pain, or stir the pot. I know some people have no problem doing this, I just do for some reason. I know I am not perfect either but I just want to say things sometimes. I know stuff and see stuff and wish I could scream. Maybe I need some sun.
Maybe I should not read blogs, go out, go on facebook, or twitter or talk to people until the summer. Maybe I need to listen to the Beatles and forget everything heavy in my brain for a while.

"Love is all you need.....all you need is love...."


Anonymous said...

The way to start your day is to look at your grandchildren. I love their individualism (I do not think that is a word). When the world gets too much i log on here and scroll thru the pics. You always seem to update the blog when it is needed most. Children give a person a new perspective on life and can make it much simpler.
Take care, love and kisses to all.
Grandma in Edmonton

Amydeanne said...

Anna! You do fantastic pictures! :)
Do you do flickr too? I had a Nikon, but it's broke at the moment, so I'm using my powershot, but debating a Rebel ... it's somewhat of a toss up.

I had such a fun time meeting everyone last night, I'm looking forward into the journey of hsing with my kiddos! :)

Hudson is sooo adorable! He just has that adorable smoochy face that says "I am baby!" I love it!

I'll be praying for Dave's grandma and your family. Life is not fun sometimes, but being real helps us grow! (even if it's stinky)

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I am sorry you are feeling so drained, and you know I completely get not wanting to talk about it. But if and when you are ready, you know where to find me!

I think we all feel like saying things to people when we see them doing things that seem dumb. I know I do but I try really hard to remember that they likely see 6 things that I do that they think is dumb :) We all do things differently and that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

SAJ said...

Oh Anna! The valentines make me all smiley and happy but mostly I just want to kidnap you away from the cold snowland and force you to go sit on the beach with me until the sun has melted all your worries into fluffiness. Of course I know weather can't fix everything but I do wish I could make it easier for you. Sometimes being like a happy labrador dog with it's tongue hanging out is so much easier.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pictures,a little distraction from reality helps.
LOL Ponty

nicole said...

nice to have a wee update...miss seeing you around the www. remember God gives us the courage to face each day...i am always comforted by the fact that mercies are new every morning.
oh and hello, how cute is hudson!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi honey, remember we love you for who you are.If you have to yell or scream at peoples stupidity, do it. The more you bottle it up, the worse it gets. Take a moment, write it down, talk to a friend (like I do!) or just mutter to yourself. It really does work. Sometimes all you need is to have someone listen to you. I am blessed that I have Mare to walk me thru some of these weak moments. She and I will talk for 10 minutes or so and let our frustations out. I really helps. Take advantage of your friends and family. We are here to listen to you.

I really love all the new pictures! Those babies are adorable.

If you need me, call!!!!!
Love Aunty Kathy

bethany actually said...

It sounds like some heavy stuff is going on in your life and in your head. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you! xo

Elaine A. said...

Thanks for sharing the fluffy stuff. Praying for you for the rest. Your kids are just so beautiful and full of life!! Hugs!

bethany said...

hugs to you, post when you feel like it.

MJ said...

Chin up, you are doing swell! It takes so much energy to care for 3 little people! Hope you are feeling rested soon!