Friday, February 19, 2010

About that spiritual journey....or not.

Have you ever written a massive post, edited it to death and then put it into the saved drafts to deal with later ... or never?

I had finally decided to share some of what has been going on with my spiritual journey over the last 6 months or so. But then after re-reading it I just couldn't hit the publish button. There were things that would hurt friends and family in what I was going to say even though it didn't directly involve them in any way. I have to figure out a better way to say what I want.


Do you ever question what and why you believe what you do?

Are you ok with listening to preachers or teachers who use tradition as an excuse for why they do what they do?

Do you just go along with repetitive lifeless murmurings or do you want more?

Do you seek truth?

Truth without a lot of interpretation and verse pulling and twisting?

Truth that is plain and pure?

Or are you really ok with being told what to believe?

I for one am not. I read a lot and think way too much. I have convictions and they are not ones that someone has made up or twisted to make sound good. I am not guilted though I am for sure judged by many. I found that if you read books written by women of faith and men of faith they usually have an agenda. Go read what they are preaching and read the whole passage they reference in context. It usually doesn't say what the writers of the books twist it to say. I do not believe you can pull a verse and use it over and over for whatever you want. I could give examples but I would offend friends in a heart beat....and maybe I should....or I wont.

And what about other religions, faiths and life styles?
Why do they believe what they do?
Would I believe the same if I had grown up with their faiths?

What it has come down to for me is that life should be simple. Faith should be simple. There are a few things that God has asked for us to do. I want to do those simple things and not be distracted by man made junk.

There I think I said something without really saying anything. Hmmm......



Stacie's Madness said...


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I get exactly what you mean and you know me, I never just believe without question. I don't think God gave us the power of free thought to be blind followers but I do seem to be in the minority on that sometimes.

But that's okay by me!


Kori said...

I just don't question my own faith-it doesn't matter how or why, for me, it just matters what IS.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean.

jmk said...

perfectly said. and im amused and equally disheartened that i've been entertaining these questions for, oh, seven or eight years now, and many close to me have completely failed to notice. they talk to me as though nothing has changed or ever will. maybe that says more about how little the supposed faith showed in my life, but i think it says more about the way they hold assumptions that are cohesive with their own beliefs and agendas. well, i'll just rein in that big tangent with a siiiiigh, and this post made me smile, because i *think* i understand completely.

Anonymous said...

HI Anna B :) I completely understand what you are saying. I am finally figuring out that my journey of faith, is just that. I have been a "Christian" for 20 years and finally, i'm beginning to think on my own. OH sure, I've tried before, but as i'm sure you've encountered, people, or "the church", don't like that. You are supposed to stick to the status quo. Believe it cause someone has told you it. Believe it cause "they" have interpreted it this way or that. And I'm sick and dishearted that the people who preach God's word, or people who proclaim they are "Christians" are the ones who are often turning a blind eye to the real truth. I also think that anyone or any church who proclaims they are right and everyone else is wrong, are blind and generally self seeking. Sounds judgemental on my part, but its been my experience. It's a spiritual journey. It has a beginning, when we are born and should never stop until we die. There is so much truth that we need to keep our hearts open to... And when we begin to explore, it threatens others, whose whole identity and way of life is stuck to their version of the truth. I've been reading your blog and hearing that you are searching. I think it's good to finally let go and trust that God has a path for you. It may not look like the path that others are on, or the one that others tell you you "should" be on. But it should be between you and the Lord. You are a free spirit and its time to let yourself be free. Much love :)

nicole said...

i have a great book for you to read it's called "crazy love" by frances chan
it just might be the thing you need to read...i enjoyed reading it one chapter or section at a time...not everyday as i found God spoke to me in those moments more. it is the journey and it is the restlessness and the yearning all rolled into one.

mamatucci said...

nicely said

bethany said...

'nother amen here :) well said!

bethany actually said...

Reading posts like this, and talking to others who come from similar faith backgrounds, makes me appreciate so much the church family I grew up in. My childhood pastor didn't hesitate to state things strongly, but he also LOVED it when people asked questions or wanted to argue or discuss things. He encouraged everyone, all the time, to read the Bible and think about what it said and to talk to others about what we were reading. I remember so many times being reminded of the verses about how Scripture can sharpen your mind, and how we're encouraged to test what we're told with our own intelligence and against the rest of scripture to see if it's true. I was never told to follow my elders or my church leaders blindly. And for the record, I come from a liturgical denomination, one of the ones with "repetitive lifeless murmurings." ;-) (I know you weren't implying that all liturgical churches are spiritually dead...just teasing you a bit!)

I hope you can write that post someday, when you need to! Love to you guys.

Anonymous said...

Not to sure about your spiritual journey ,but it must have been a great painting day. I love the pics and will try to get them to Maryanne.
LOL Ponty

Elaine A. said...

I hear you loud and clear. Really, I do.

Love Hudson's eyes!!!

Hope you're feeling well...

Jen Wilson said...

I'd love to read the original!!

I know we've talked about this before, and I'm totally with you. Completely.

ps. We need to get together some time! I know it's hard with me working ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

MJ said...

Amen. I think this is the reason why Christian church attendance is down; there's been a shift in the general population to wanting more to religion than being told what to do/believe. We have access to so much information at any given time and the church needs to facilitate those discussions. It chokes me each time I hear the parable about "going through the eye of the needle" and the literal translation of a historic architectural feature that was common at the time the verse was written. I'm not one for literal translations I guess : )

Anonymous said...

I just HAD to say this.. Did you notice how GENERALLY your post gets a couple of "the same" people commenting, yet this post - they chose to hold back? Did you notice it, cause I was actually seeking out these peoples responses/comments - yet none were to be found. Funny how that works. Do or say something that might ripple their perfect, calm waters or provoke a real thought and they ignore you completely in fear of the unknown.. in fear of the unbelievable idea of thinking and speaking for yourself... from your heart... and not from pre-determined lessons you never actually learned yourself, or scriptures you have been told what they mean instead of finding out for yourself.
Oh Anna, I loved this post for so many reasons. Mainly because it is EXACTLY what I would have written, well, my version would be alot much jumbled and not make as much sense to readers! I also would have brought up specific situations because quite frankly I'm just not as nice as you! If someone is going to be "offended" by something on your heart, as they have been taught from birth to do they will/should "take it to the Lord" and realize there is a reason it is being said. Well... we both know they wouldn't. They would talk about it with others behind your back acting humble but their alterior motive was to "get you in trouble" and have people think a little less of you, then have a group meeting about discussing you and your wrong doings and then finally, tell you what you did was wrong and offensive and bring up a verse you already know and have a "different" understanding of it and then you would kindly rebuttal a verse about "minding your own business" and worrying only of yourself and leaving others to God!
Wow that was a major rant I think only you will understand! :P
Well, thank you for sharing this and yet again, I totally agree!!!

Jill NZ said...

Wow, I just read an interesting blog on something very similar to what you are saying and it struck a deep chord within me. Luckily living in NZ we don't have such pressure on us from society to be regular church goers in order to prove ourselves as "good people" as there seems to be in some other countries.

I hope that you find this interesting