Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home schooling and laundry

I know, I know, I swore I would never do this to my children. Home school.
When I look back on the years that I was home schooled I really have a hard time pushing ahead with it. I loved school as a kid, especially the lower grades. I loved the projects, the experiments, the recourse's for learning, the books, crafts and the field trips. Didn't care much for all the kids but loved my teachers. Sooooo, deciding to home school was a tough decision.
My home school years were not my favourite. However looking back I guess going back to school after that wasn't my favourite either but I do have fond memories of the private high school I went to.
What I am getting at is well, it will be a year to year decision for us and I am pretty sure that they will go to school I am just not sure when.

So we decided to recreate the fun things at home and make sure we are very active in social activities. Turns out that with the home schooling group here we will be seeing more kids more often then if Kaitlyn were in the private school for pre school so I think this year will be all good! Ya, know what I am sayin.

Anyway we ended up turning a corner of the playroom into a class room and it has been a hit.

We are now almost two weeks into our schedule and it is a blast. We start the day with putting the date on the calendar and then map the forecast. Next up we do a work book or two. Working on letters and numbers, mazes and puzzles. Then we have story and snack time and then recess.
Next up we do a craft. Sometimes this is just coloring or building stuff with play dough or we dig something out of my surprise craft box. (the favourite) Those creations are up on the wall to show off to daddy later.
Next up is singing and then free play.

Not much really but Kaitlyn loves every moment and begs to do school throughout the day. So rather that following the 1-2 day/2 hour public school schedule we are doing it every day and suffering through begging and pleading on weekends to "Please lets do more school!!!"

For some reason I think this just might change over the years into moping and whining about not wanting to do school so I am going with it!

The reason we didn't put Kaitlyn in pre school outside the home?

Well, hmmm. We almost did. I even went to the orientation and met the teacher. The reason in the end that we didn't was because it was going to cost us almost 4 figures to put Kaitlyn in for two days a week and if we only did one day (2 hrs) a week it was half price but still quite hefty. (this is at the private school a few blocks away) Then there was fund raising on top of this and I DO NOT DO THIS!
I hate it!
So rather than pester family and friends to buy home stuff, magazines, books, chocolates and whatever else (I am totally ok with being pestered by others for this stuff though....bring on the mag subscriptions, I'll buy!) I would rather spend a tiny amount of money and not miss the moments with my kids.

Moments like watching Kaitlyn open and close her mouth with every chop to the piece of paper she does with her scissors. chomp, chomp, chomp............
Ghaaa, I could just squeeze her!

And I really want to be a part of their early development, all of it! I am not ready to let them go and they love to be together and I think they will be away from me enough with bible class and sunday school and, and, and.....

Anyway, that and also that our kids are small still, really they are, I cannot imagine them out of the house already!

And I get to go on ALL the field trips and nature walks!

Even if they sometimes only take us to the laundromat.

We did turn it into a teachable moment.

Kaitlyn and Ethan took turns counting the money and putting it in the machines. Then they got to put in the detergent and start them up.

Then the machines started to spin and a vortex opened up....

.....and Kaitlyn and Ethan were standing so close..... sucked them right in...


and we got to learn about the dimensions of laundry!

Just kidding, these photo's were just me messing with F stop and ISO settings, I couldn't help but post them and make something up.
Really we learned a little and after sitting around board and running around with blankets for capes we walked next door to the grocery store for a few things.
When we came back the laundry was done and K and E helped to fold their blankets.

So that is how we started our homeschooling adventure. Something I swore I would never do and here I am with preschoolers eating my words and having a blast.
chomp, chomp...........


mamatucci said...

Holy preschool is expensive there! I am on the board of matteo's first yr of school and he is so excited. I didnt even ever think of homeschooling him. But with having a 12 yr old sister and all his cousins far far away. the kid needed interaction with his peers. Too bad we didnt live closer I might have to pay you to take him on at Anna Borderline playschool,it looks really fun!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!! (i followed the link on facebook) Love the pics too btw!! Laughed pretty good at the sucking the kids in!! hee hee. Your school sounds like a great school!! I have struggled with the homeschool question and I'm only pregnant!! ;) year to year decision is probably a great way to look at it...decide every year cuz things change, right? ruth j.

SAJ said...

You are my hero. I don't want to home school either but I'm right there with you on all the points you have listed. Your kids have so much fun! I know everyone is going to write that you are the funnest mom ever. But you are. I just can't help myself from saying it. I wish we were neighbors.

Anonymous said...

please tell me you are going to take some anna time? I know you will do an awsome job of the homeschool thing (never a doubt) but .... you do have time to decompress right? (and not only at midnight!) Just saying - I love you!

ispeakbeanish said...

Looks like y'all are having a blast and learning the way learning should be. Fun and relaxed. Just follow your instincts on the year to year thing. You'll know when it's time to switch things up.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Hey, I wasn't homeschooled but am doing it now with my 3 after doing the public school thing with them for many years. We are loving the community online and in person (lots of families homeschool nowadays!). And I love that while we have a schedule, it isn't solid. The world doesn't collapse if we don't complete a book report "on time" because we got distracted by the details. You know?

Hope you guys have a fun adventure!

Madame Bluestocking said...

I still do that thing with my mouth and scissors. If I am cutting out fabric for sewing, I end up with a sore jaw.

Brooke said...

You're Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus! Not that you look like her (although I DO love her artsy clothes) but just because you allowed your kids to be sucked into the laundro-mat machine in order to learn about science : )

Jonam said...

cute kid

homemom1001 said...

You are super awesome - you know that right? I mean I know I have told you that a time or two - and your other blog readers agree! Don't be too stressed about it, they are little, and I have hung out with them and they are super awesome too! Sweet, smart, confident and caring! You have great kids and are a great mom! See you soon!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

That is crazy expensive for preschool, we paid a fraction of that!

The homeschooling sounds like great fun...for you ;)

Ps we walked by your house yesterday on the way to the QCM finish line!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I'm so NOT a homeschooler. I LOVE it when my kids are gone!