Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Art and mindless chatter

I have a lot of posts swirling in my head. You know how you talk to yourself in your head but it is like you are telling a story to a friend?
Am I the only one who talks to imaginary friends in my head?
It does make me sound myself anyway.
I guess I could talk directly to myself but that would probably just sound arrogant in my head.
I used to talk to friends in my head when I was younger. I would just pretend they were there and chatter on inside. Then I got the blog. I get to talk to anyone who cares or dares to stop by now. It is kinda neat, kinda fun and creepy all at once.
So when I go for long stretches without getting on here and getting it out I find that the dialogue in my head once again starts up.

No relation to what I have just said, written, whatever, I was really going to say a bunch of other stuff but got interrupted by my daughter who got the badminton birdie stuck in the rafters downstairs while on her home school lunch break.
Whew! That was long winded!
So now that my mind is blank never mind whatever I was going to say and here are a few projects of late completed.

The one above is 6" x 6" and was just something I doodled up with some left over paint from the project below.

30" x 30" custom order.

10" x 20"

Finally the boot painting is done. When I paint for myself it seem to take a year to get the finishing touches done.

And that is it.

Questions to throw out there.

How does your inner dialogue work?
Do you talk directly to yourself?
Do you have an imaginary friend or just talk randomly into the air?
Or do you talk to your friends in your head as if they were in the room with you?
Am I the only one who thinks about this mindless stuff?


Kori said...

My inner dialogue takes the form of a letter to a friend or a blog post. And I have long since accepted that I am a little warped, so it no longer makes me feel crazy. Not much, anyway.

Elaine A. said...

First off, your art is just brilliant. I always LOVE it!

I talk to myself ALL THE TIME. I get it from my mother. And I had a slew of imaginary sisters when I was a little girl b/c I didn't have any in real life (only 3 brothers)!

bethany actually said...

Those are such great questions!

How does my inner dialogue work...hmm. I guess I just talk to myself. I think I tend to make lists in my head a lot, of things I need to do, and am always mentally checking the lists. How boring and uncreative that sounds. :-)

Hannah said...

GORGEOUS paintings!!!

I don't know if I've ever really considered those questions. I guess I make lists in my head a lot, because I'm that kind of person. I also think of song lyrics in my head all day long, but don't always sing them out loud. Weird!

ispeakbeanish said...

I have conversations with people in my head and have conversations with myself. I also talk out loud to myself. I think it's a great way to process things.

Brandie said...

I think we all do this in some way. I tend to tell a story. If I was calling my friends to vent or celebrate something, but of coarse nobody was home, therfore I need to get it out of my system so I play it out in my head and move on with the rest of my day.

Madame Bluestocking said...

I totally talk to people in my head as if they were really there. Real people, imaginary people, sometimes if I'm exceptionally egotistical that day, it might be an interviewer... Silly, I know. Sometimes my inner dialogue is narration, as if I were writing whatever is happening as a novel. Somehow when I talk out loud I am nowhere near as clever or brilliant as I am in my head, which might be why I prefer to talk to myself than real people (can't tell I'm a weird, loner briefly-homeschooled artsy type, can you?)!

BeachMama said...

I really love the Chandelier!

Sexy PTA Mom said...
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OHmommy said...

I write posts in my head all the time. Lol.