Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not feeling so glowy

Obviously I have to stop saying I am back. I keep falling off the blog wagon so I think until after this baby comes I am just going to say that whatever happens when it does will.

OK, I have now sat here thinking about how to really start this post for.....well, way too long. I am usually spilling over with stuff to say. 
I started writing about how tired and unmotivated I have felt lately, how messy our house is and how I feel overwhelmed with it.
Then I was going to share reno photo's but we are still working on it so now I don't know where to go with this.
My thoughts are just way to jumbled right now to get anything out properly so I think I'll just run through some photos and do my best.
Keeping busy and distracted is something we have been thriving on.
Magnets were on Kaitlyn's mind so we dug out magazines, glue, glass stones and  polymer clay.

Little people for little people.

Painting is always on our list as well. I think I have splatters on most of my clothes.  To tell the truth I used to worry  about this and wanting to look more put together when I go out but now I have come to terms with it and I know that it is really just a part of who I am.
This painting is now in the coffee shop, a replacement for the one that sold last week. 
Going in for tea when I have dropped off paintings is a treat the kids love.

However it doesn't last long since they think that exploring the shop is more fun then sitting and sipping.
Belly shot. 28 weeks.
Kaitlyn loves to craft and spends a large part of her day coming up with creations. One of the things she brought to me were these "finger clothes."

Ethan gets in on the crafting a bit too but would rather do puzzles, play trucks or scribble. 
Last week Dave (a.k.a. Cableman869) took us out for a treat. An afternoon at the spa.

After soaking and splashing for a few hours in the pool we headed down to the dining room for dinner. Kaitlyn fell asleep half way through her meal, Ethan faked it.
It was really an awesome surprise treat, and what I want to say is ''Thank you" to Dave. I haven't been showing him enough how much I appreciate him.
Hormones are messing with my moods and I just don't do or say what I should. I am just not one of those glowy  radiant pregnant women. Rather I am sore and moody. 
But Dave really pulls through and picks up were I cannot and deals with my moods. I cannot thank him enough.

I guess that is it. I am off to sort through my thought. Sorry for the boring post, I really am just not myself tonight. Night all!


cc said...

Stop saying your posts are boring, because they're not.

If they were I wouldn't read them. :)

Elaine A. said...

Thanks for the update and I hope you are feeling more "glowy" soon! : )

I just love all of you painting. And those little magnet people are adorable!

Looks like a nice visit to the spa...

Jessica said...

I love reading your blog. Looks like you and the kids have so much fun together all the time, that's great - you're creating such great memories for them. You look wonderful, other than being sore how are you feeling?

That's the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, right? That's the hotel that Michael's work put us up at when he had to go on a work trip to Moose Jaw a couple of years ago that Isaac and I went on with him (I was pregnant with Rachael at the time). We loved that pool... Isaac threw his first temper tantrum when I went to take him out of there actually because it's so nice and warm.

Kami said...

Love the painting, you are adorable with your baby belly and Kaitlyn sleeping at the table is so cute!

Yay for cableman!

mamatucci said...

I loved going to the coffee shop to see your paintings. And know I have another place to ask for directions to "the spa". We went to the candy store on the weekend. It is like having my own personal travel agent. Hope to see you soon.For sure before we go away.Hold me to it!

Stacie said...

not a boring post at look amazing, your paintings are AWESOME (love the new header too) and I love hearing about your craftiness!

Kori said...

You are always beautiful but you look really tired; I hope all is truly well. :)

Hannah said...

Your paintings are all so beautiful! And you and the belly are looking fantastic :-)

How lovely that Dave surprised you with a trip to the spa, it looks like you all had a wonderful time. What a good man you have!

bethany said...

hugs, update whenever you feel like it :) pregnancy is NOT all glowy for most of us, it is what it is! hugs to that belly of yours :)

Aunt Deb :) said...

Hey Anna,
Your mom and I are going to have to go for java and you too! Your pics look great and sounds like they are selling there too. You are looking fabulous! And I must say you have the greatest husband -who spoils you and you deserve it! Take care! :)

MJ said...

Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment! I was able to visit and catch up on all your activities! Love the paintings! What great opportunities for you! The fridge magnets are fun too! Hope you are feeling more sprightly soon!

Gayle said...

Your posts are not boring! Would we all come back for boring?

Oh my gosh, those little people are so amazing. I love that you can do those big beautiful paintings and the cutest little things for the kids.

You look great! I would like to know how many women glow during pregnancy. Hee hee.

Kiki said...

I think I need some finger clothes! Adorable!!