Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finally, drips off the eves

I started unloading all the photos off the camera's tonight and realized that between the two there are over 600 pictures. So, I have some editing to do. 
You may wonder why I am using both camera's. Well, I still carry the point and shoot in my pocket or bag since it is so handy and small.
Then when I am around the house and am up to lugging the heavy duty goody I use it. 
So there is a mixture of qualities but this is what is working for me these days.

Anyway, I will go through the photo's in batches from each camera. I know this will be a slight issue since there are similar photo's on both but...blah...blah...blah......

I don't even know why I am saying all this. Let's get on with the post already!
A few days ago it was -40C and we wondered if spring would ever come. The old frost bite patches on my cheeks burned when I went out and I could hardly stand the minute it took to get from the house to the truck.
On top of this I was having to suck in my gut the best I could and arch my back to get my zipper done up on my winter coat. 
So today when I finally looked out the window I saw water pouring off the eves and puddles on the road I was so excited.
I pulled the inner shell out of my coat and went to zip it up.
It did not happen.
I hope spring is here for good because I don't fit my coat anymore. Not even close.
I pulled out my fall/early spring jacket and managed to get it zipped up, rather snuggly.
I am sure I looked hilarious but it worked to get me out of the house.
The kids were skeptical and granted they should have been. We only made it out 3 or 4 times all winter. Did you know we had a record of over 60 days with below -30C weather this winter?
I cannot even imagine what it must be like in the colder parts of the world. Those people must be tough! My hat is off to them because I was going nuts!
So with today's weather I couldn't wait to get out and begged and pleaded with the kids to come out and play.  They really weren't sure though. They stood at the window looking at the puddles and the dripping icicles then went back to playing.
Finally I dug out their fall jackets and then they got excited. It only took minutes and they were out the door to see if it was really that nice.
It was! Ethan had an issue with the glare off the snow and I wished I had dug out their sunglasses. 
However it did not hold them back from exploring and playing and soaking up hours of gloriously warm sunshine.
We walked to the playground, went for Slurpee's, splashed in puddles, dug in the snow and swung on the swings in the back yard.
The feeling of getting out and not having to worry about frozen fingers, toes or snot was liberating. Intoxicating! 
I just hope it keeps on melting like this. 
Then again I think I say that every year and we always manage to get another dump or two of snow and bad weather. I don't care though, I know spring is around the corner.....even if it takes until the middle of July for all the snow in the front yard to melt.
Day one of the melt is on and it has lifted my spirits higher than I though it ever could.
Happy spring!


Glenda said...

LOL, such a cute tummy Anna! Ü I am sooo glad Spring has arrived we had regular rivers running today on our property!

Badness Jones said...

The spring melt is so wonderful! I was beginning to feel like a caged animal.....we had snow before Hallowe'en this year, and I am so done. It's supposed to be lovely here this week, but I won't be surprised if it snows again before we're through, at least I'll know it won't last.

And you're too cute! When is the precious one scheduled to arrive?

Kami said...

YAY spring!! Today I do my first run outside since Jan! Alleluia!

lynne said...

Wow Anna, where is it that you live again? Blinking heck it sounds like you've had a tough Winter. We all moaned when we have several days below 0 in the UK.

BeachMama said...

Look at your gorgeous belly!! I wish I was coming your way this year just to take shots of it :).

I am so glad you had some nice weather, I know it has been terrible for you this year. I will take snow over cold any day. I won't tell you about my grass in the backyard, I just won't ;).

Anonymous said...

Too funny, 60 days of minus 30 and we Canadians worry about how the people in the really cold climates survive!! ANNA !! We are the ones who live in the cold climate..But it could be worse ,right?
LOL Ponty

Anonymous said...

I love the perspective of the shots on the monkey bars!

Your belly is beautiful!

Karen MEG said...

Anna, your belly is perfect!!!
Boy though, it still looks so cold... I can't wait for spring either!

Gayle said...

Happy Spring!

Your kids are so cute! They look like they're having a great time. And, love those belly shots!

Stacie said...

yay i love nice days!

it was nice here too, but our snow is already we did lots of raking in the yard. :)

I love the coat pictures. LOL.

Kori said...

Hm, I have the same problem with my coats and I am not even pregnant! Happy soon-to-be-spring to all of you!

Elaine A. said...

I'm glad y'all were able to get outside for a bit. I can't even imagine it being that cold and snowy and then you go and say you feel bad for people where it's colder. ACK! ; )

Hope Spring is definitely on the way...

P.S. Cute belly! : )

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute belly!! And the kid pics too. I especially love the one of them both looking down at the pebbly street.

Jen said...

THE -40 SUCKS!!!

I'm really glad that the snow is finally melting as well. Even though it's turning into puddles which turn into ice that I slip on. SPRING IS COMING TO REGINA!!!

Lily of the Valley said...

I feel for you, being pregnant with 2 little ones...I remember what that was like! Soon you will be saying that too. :) Your kids are so cute, and I was admiring your talent at art, my goodness! You have an amazing gift.

It must be tough to have that much snow and have it be nearly spring. But you do get more sunshine than we do here on the west coast! A lot more. btw, your mom just informed me that my husband and you are 3rd cousins or something like that!

Brooke said...

Hey Anna,
Gorgeous belly : ) I wouldn't even know what to do with that kind of weather and neither would my kids. I hope that the melt goes fast!

MJ said...

Spring, spring, come to stay!
Winter, please, just go away!