Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chasing my 'tale'

We have been trying to get ready for our trip to Mexico. Fake and bake tans are in the works (not for the kids though) and working out has been on the mind.
However I am still packing on the pounds as the weeks close in. Then again, I do have an excuse. My thighs though, they are going to take a major beating (in the form of steep hills and a Wii board) after this baby is born!
Ethan has been having issues with the bright glare off the snow. I have searched high and low for his sporty shades and have turned up nothing. 
So he gladly sported  a pair of Kaitlyn's with no shame.
Since then funky blue and red 'Cars' shades have been purchased  for the dude. 
Now for a complete change of subject.
Oh, I should have warned you this was going to happen.
You see, when I don't post regularly (at least a few times a week) I start stockpiling thoughts and photos and next thing you know it all becomes a major mumble mumble of junk in my head.
so rather than post any of the stories siting in my sketch book or in my files I will once again just try to get caught up on daily life.
I am dying to share the bath tales that Kaitlyn has told and I hope to do it before the baby comes since it involves babies popping out of tummies and mommies not having enough hands.
It really is a post in itself so...soon.

Back to the catch up stuff.
Here is a photo I took of Kaitlyn. This is the un-edited and natural light shot.
I liked it, although to make up for the overcast lighting I could really bump up the exposure a little.
Then I decided to brighten it a bit and make it a B & W.
And then for fun I gave it a fantasy sheer glow.
These are the ones Kaitlyn has approved and would like printed. I am guessing they will end up in her room either taped with yards of masking tape to the walls or maybe with some arm twisting they could end up in one of her unused white frames.
I would rather use these two to frame but I like to give her some free reign in the decorating of her room.
And now Ethan.
This guy hates getting his picture taken. You would seriously think I was shooting him with laser rays or something. He turns his head and makes rude faces when he sees the camera so if you are wondering why there are more pictures of Kaitlyn it is because almost all the pictures of Ethan are of the back of his head.
Was that just a run on sentence?
If sure felt long winded!
The nice days have been , well, nice!
(changing subject again)
Puddles. I cannot tell you how well puddles go over here. 
Although today is snowy and cold, again, the rubber boots sit patiently by the door waiting for the next big thaw.

Another subject. My wildly creative daughter. Have I told you how much she hates her art class?  I do not blame her in the least since I find it rather painful to sit through art theory and the elements of drawing myself.
 The part that surprised me was her complete boredom and impatience when it comes to coloring or drawing. Rather she likes to create with clothing, "It's the fashion, mom!" Or with gluing and stickers and folding shapes. Clay sculpting or painting abstract art. 
When it comes to doing her pre school books she skips right to the puzzles, mazes, math and matching or sorting sections. Drawing and coloring sections go untouched.
I just never realized that all children do not love to color and draw. 
After the last art class (Kaitlyn walked out 10 minutes after it started exclaiming she was "just done!") I have a feeling that we will be spending the next few sessions playing tag and hide and seek in the halls.
I am just not going to push this one.
Rather I will encourage her creativity in her dancing, gymnastics (though she is pretty uncoordinated....like I was) and whatever else it is she seems to like.
I have a feeling Ethan might be the more artistic (paper wise) one. He enjoys scribbling and drawing big wheels. Time will tell.

For now he is pretty into his cars, trucks, tractors and trains. He wakes up, runs to the living room and dumps his bucket of cars on the floor. He has one in hand most of the day and then takes one to bed with him at night.
Oooo, ooo, ooo, yes! I almost forgot. Shoes!
The one thing that still fits, besides earrings.
The kids picked out new boots over the weekend and while they were napping in the truck after shopping I ran into a second hand store and found these.
10$ bucks baby!
Made my day!
By now you might be noticing a trend in the background of most of the photos. A big mess.
Every corner and wall is lined with junk.
No play dates here for a while. Well maybe a month. Carpet has been purchased and the old stuff is in the process of getting ripped out of the basement. I can hardly wait to get all the toys  and craft stuff back down there. 
I am a little afraid of the cleaning process once we get organized but I am super excited about the new storage system we have planned.
Another post there in itself. That one has to wait until the basement is completely done.
In the mean time we shift stuff around upstairs and mix lego, cars and dolls all together. It is fun for a few minutes but it takes an adult to figure out the cleaning up part.
Ah, ha. The one thing Kaitlyn will occasionally work on that is anything similar to drawing.
She hate to practice her printing but when she is bribed with something to trace she will comply. 
And she is quite proud.
Ethan works on his dots and curves.

And last but not least. Well maybe it is least. I do wish I had more energy and more hours in the day! Here is one of the 6 projects I am working on. None complete.
This is the main reason I have not been around. I am swamped.
I am happy about this. I love being booked and I love being busy. I haven't been able to get the last 8 paintings onto the art blog yet but after these projects are done I will get to work on that.
I think that I will be taking a break as well. No more orders until some other time.
I will compile a list and after the baby comes will evaluate it and my schedule.

I miss blogging, I miss reading, I miss sitting and not doing anything. I miss watching tv after the kids are in bed. However after two days in a row of any of those things I find myself back in front of a canvas coming up with something anyway.

Oh the circles we chase our own tails in!


Brooke said...

Okay, I really, really, really love that painting. I was just thinking that someday when I'm in a house with walls big enough to purchase art for : ) I will have to save up some money to buy something off of you! Ya know, when you're done taking a break. Good for you with the working out. My thighs still look pregnant...

Kori said...

You freaking amaze me, woman!

Stacie said...

i love all your pictures! the painting looks great!

BeachMama said...

Wow, you totally have so much energy!! I love your painting with the balloon on it, it just draws me right in.

Ethan is looking more and more like his Dad and Kaitlyn may not draw like Mommy, but she has her beauty.

Love your shoes, wish I could jump in your suitcase for your trip to Mexico, but alas my nieces and nephews from your neck of the woods are coming for three weeks and we will be busy, busy, busy.

Elaine A. said...

I love your posts and their randomness! ; ) The kids are cute as ever, the shoes are awesome and that painting is just as wonderful as all your work. Take care Momma!

Gayle said...

I agree with commenter Kori, you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Cute shoes!

Kaitlyn's eyes are so beautiful!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I LOVE those edited photos of Kaitlyn. Seriously love them.

And your art as well. I've been meaning to heaed to that coffee shop and check it out. One of these days ...

lynne said...

Hello I hope your feeling good this morning. The photo of you 3 on what I thought at first glance to be 3 Wii boards made me laugh. Start as you meant to go on I say. Julian and I are sorely tempted to treat ourselves to a Wii for our birthdays. I've tried Guitar hero at a friends house and got hooked, although I really sucked at it :)

I think it's wonderful you encourage your children to be creative. They are lucky, lucky little people to have a mom like you and a house with lots of art materials. I wouldn't worry about your little girl not enjoying her art classes either, maybe they were too formal for her age? I hated coloring books as a child as well all I wanted was paper to draw all the imaginary people and worlds in my head :)

MJ said...

I don't blame Kaitlyn for not liking her art class! It sounds boring!

Sticky-tack! You need sticky tack! Masking tape is so hard on the walls!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. I totally agree that quirky friends are the best ones. I never want The Bean to lose her uniqueness. It's what makes her so special.

I know that experiences like that are unfortunately a part of life, but it sure does hurt when it happens.