Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 3 of 7

Dave and I love to take short cuts down little country roads in the summer. However this year there has been so much rain and some of the back roads are just a mess of mud and deep ruts. 4x4 is a must and sometimes the mud splashes up over the top of the truck. I cannot imagine ever owning a mini van, what fun would that be?
The color of the truck could be called into question some days and closing doors after you get out usually means that you have filthy fingers but your adrenaline runs high and you feel like an 18 year old all over again. In this photo we are actually backing up to take the long way around because the mud ahead was so bad.
And that sums up day 3 for the flickr group. ( I am in there, you just have to really look to see me)

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