Friday, June 11, 2010

Back at it

Did I mention that I am back on flickr. I finally renewed my pro account and although there is a major gap since I last posted photos there are finally a few new sets.

Actually now that I have said this I am sure I did mention it. Hmmm...
Anyway I put the badge over there on the right hand side or you can click here to check out what is new.
No time to post right now, I am in the middle of painting and the paint is drying as I type. Oh I wish I could though, I have stories and thoughts to share. However I really need to compose (I almost said compost, tee-hee) things in my brain and painting seems to get things straight so I will be back!!



Jen Wilson said...

Your belly is ADORABLE!

bethany said...

what Jen said :)