Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Only a few weeks later...

...or a month or so! At least that is what it feels like!

Wow! I have not been around these parts for a while. Not that I still don't keep writing posts in my head but I just keep falling asleep while putting the kids to bed and don't wake up until 2 am and there is no way I am blogging then!
So it's not late and I am not sleeping, I am not making supper and don't particularly feel like moving so it seems to be a good time to plunk down here and do a little spilling.

Spring is here! It is raining, there are a few green shoots sprouting around these parts (even if it is in the windows in planters) and we even went out last week in bathing suits in the yard!(mind you today we were wrapped right back up in shivery fall clothes)
It is spring!
Time to celebrate something!
I am not so sure about all the traditions around holidays, everything seems to go back to pagen roots so we just do fun stuff.

Some still include traditional flavour, like eggs!

What is great about this craft is that we incorporated it into our home schooling. Then again it seems almost every moment is a teachable one so I guess rather than schooling we are life-ing!

What came first?

The chicken?

The egg?

chirp, chirp....

Gotta love puff balls, google eyes and old egg shells!



Brooke said...

So, did they decide which came first? Looks like you are still managing to have fun, mama. I don't know how you do it! Yeah, my kids are outside spraying each other with the hose in the yard. Not quite warm enough for that. But also not quite cold enough for all the snow pants and gloves and coat Ezra keeps insisting on wearing :)

ispeakbeanish said...

So cute!!