Friday, April 30, 2010

A crazy photo shoot

I have really been wanting to get a few good group shots of the kids lately and am thinking I might just have to get help. Doing this alone and of course when I should have been making supper wasn't really the best idea. I do tend to do things like this just because I think of it in a fleeting moment and go for it and of course I never planned it properly or anything. Why should I be surprised when it doesn't turn out how I planned? Ha!

So, I haven't got one good group shot. Instead I ended up getting interesting single shots by rather creative children.
Here goes.

Yup. Not what I saw in my mind but I am ok with it for now. I think I will try and catch them all together on a morning after they have eaten, the equipment is set up and of course Dave is home!


Kori said...

Together or apart, they remain gorgeous. Really.

bethany actually said...

I love the individual shots! I can totally see three of those framed and lined up on a wall. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE the 3rd picture! Totally frame worthy!! I love all the pictures though! Ethan's are adorable, he's such a little stud!
And of course, Hudson, even Brad said "aw" :)

Glenda said...

Too cute - I use someone else blowing bubbles and bribe them with a treat if they stay sitting and pop the bubbles (that gets their attention centered)! Works good so far Ü

They are so cute Anna!

BeachMama said...

Those are some great individual shots. Sometimes the kids behave better for a stranger or someone other than Mom.

Elaine A. said...

These are great. They're just so REAL! :)